Does the Conservative Party Have an Islamophobia Problem? Here’s What They Think

Does the Conservative Party have an Islamophobia problem running through its core? That’s the question that many interviewers are asking Tory MPs, including the Prime Minister, after Lee Anderson’s controversial comments about London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Growing Pressure on Senior Conservatives

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Despite huge backlash from different political parties in the UK, including former Tory members, many current Conservative ministers refuse to condemn Lee Anderson’s comments on Sadiq Khan as “Islamophobic.”

Sunak Under Fire

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is under fire after admitting in an interview that Anderson’s comments were “wrong” but refrained from commenting on whether he thought they were racist or Islamophobic.

Sunak Argues No Issue Regarding Islamophobia

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When asked whether he thought the Conservative Party had an issue regarding Islamophobia, the Prime Minister answered, “No, of course it doesn’t.”

Anderson Attacks Faith

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Former Tory MP Lee Anderson has been suspended for his criticism of London Mayor Sadiq Khan, which seemed to use faith as a means to degrade his political actions.

Islamist Remarks Spark Backlash

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Anderson claimed that Khan and the city of London were “under the control” of “Islamists” who he deemed to be Khan’s “mates.”

Ministers Avoid the Use of Term

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Government ministers, including Home Office minister Michael Tomlinson, have also refrained from using the term “Islamophobic” when addressing Anderson’s statements.

Tomlinson’s Multiple Refusals

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In an interview, Tomlinson was asked eleven times to explain why Anderson’s comments were deemed “wrong” by political leaders, but not “Islamophobic,” but the Minister was unable to provide an answer.

Deputy PM Downplays Comments

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Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden echoed the Prime Minister’s words, arguing that Anderson’s comments were “wrong” but that he didn’t believe Anderson was being “intentionally racist.”

Tom Pursglove’s Stance

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Tom Pursglove, another Home Office colleague, acknowledged that he didn’t consider Anderson personally “racist” but found his remarks “unacceptable.”

Braverman Sparks Debate

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Anderson’s comments followed criticism from former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who argued that “the Islamists, the extremists and the anti-Semites are in charge now” after multiple rallies showing support for Palestine in the ongoing conflict.

Prime Minister Refuses to Condemn Braverman

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The Prime Minister refrained from criticizing Braverman’s comments, arguing, “I think that those comments were not about an individual in particular,” and calling the protests “unacceptable.”

Labour Criticizes Conservative Response

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Labour has criticized the Conservative response as “weak,” accusing the Prime Minister of being influenced by a coalition of MPs.

Anderson Suspension for “Refusal” to Apologize

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Anderson was suspended by the Tory Whip, with a spokesperson for the Whip claiming that he would be allowed back in so long as he apologized, but noted Anderson’s “refusal to apologize.”

Anderson’s Comments on Apology

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Anderson responded to calls to apologize, saying, “When you think you are right you should never apologize because to do so would be a sign of weakness.”

Labour MP “Deeply” Concerned

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Labour MP Anneliese Dodds noted that the fact Anderson could regain confidence from the Prime Minister so long as he apologized for his comments was “deeply concerning.”

Sadiq Khan’s Response

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Sadiq Khan himself accused Anderson of being “Islamophobic” and “racist” while being shocked that a “senior Conservative” leader could be allowed to say such a thing.

“Structural Islamophobia” Concerns

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Many critics are accusing the Tory Party of having “structural Islamophobia” including the Muslim Council of Britain who have called on Rishi Sunak to investigate the allegations deeper, despite Sunak’s refusal to admit there’s an issue.

Senior Tory MPs Speak Out

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Certain members of the Tory Party have spoken out against Anderson’s comments, with senior members such as Paul Scully and Sajid Javid calling his words “foolish,” “dangerous,” and “ridiculous.”

Divide Among Tory MPs

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Although several current and former Tory MPs are calling for Anderson to apologize, the refusal by many to label the comments as “Islamophobic” shows a divide in the Party regarding what is deemed racist.

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