Serious Bacteria Warning Could Halt British Tradition Over Easter Weekend

The famous London Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge has taken a dark turn this year as one organisation found a deadly bacteria lurking in the water of the Thames.

Safety Warnings for Boat Race Crews

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Organisers of the famous London Boat Race warned the winners of potential danger if they follow a tradition after crossing the finish line.

Truth About the River Thames

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After revelations about sewage dumping in British rivers, one company found a disturbing truth about the river Thames.

A Change In Tradition?

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The Thames is the famous river that flows through London and is the body of water that the Boat Race is held on every year, but this year there’s a worry.

British Tradition Explained

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Traditionally, the winners of the boat race throw themselves off of their vessels and into the river Thames in celebration of the victory.

A Warning From River Action

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Water organisation, River Action, has declared that this year, throwing yourself into the Thames may not be the best idea for health reasons.

Deadly Bacteria Found In Thames

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The deadly bacteria, E.Coli, has been discovered lurking in the river’s waters, providing a huge risk to the competitors should they choose to enter the water.

New Safety Guidelines

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In response to the findings, new safety guidelines have been implemented, potentially impacting the traditional post-race celebrations.

Elevated Levels of E.coli

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Tests conducted by River Action revealed elevated levels of E.coli in the water, exceeding safety thresholds set by the Environment Agency.

A Sign of The Thames

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According to James Wallace, River Action’s Chief Executive, it is a sad sign of the times when Boat Race competitors can no longer participate in the tradition.

A “Tragic Situation”

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Wallace insisted “We are in a tragic situation when elite athletes are issued with health guidance ahead of a historic race on the capital’s river.”

A Risk to The Public’s Health

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Wallace argued that “Everyone should be able to enjoy our rivers and seas without risking their health.”

Thames Water Under Fire

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River Action suggested that sewage dumping from Thames Water, the country’s largest water service company, into the river, is the most likely cause of contamination.

Approval for the Races

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Despite concerns, the races in both the male and female categories are scheduled as planned, although River Action has issued new guidelines.

River Action’s Warning

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Wallace insisted that River Action have “put in place a series of precautionary measures this year to protect the health of our athletes.”

River Action’s Precautionary Measures

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Precautionary measures put in place by River Action include certain protective clothing to minimise contact with the contaminated water.

Protective Clothing Recommendation

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Protective recommendations include using footwear and covering all scars and blisters on the body.

Thames Water’s Statement

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A spokesperson for Thames Water has insisted that the company would like to “lead the way” in keeping the public safe from health risks related to the Thames.

Thames Water “Taking Action”

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“Taking action to improve the health of rivers is a key focus for us,” according to the spokesperson for Thames Water after accusations of sewage dumping.

Thames Water’s Transparency

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The water company insisted that they will be more transparent about the water risks in the future, arguing that they “remain the only company to provide live alerts for all untreated discharges.”

The Problem With British Rivers

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The warnings issued by River Action display the concerning environmental issues that British rivers are now facing, causing a risk to public health.

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