Donald Trump Congratulates Nigel Farage On “Big WIN”

Donald J. Trump has congratulated Nigel Farage for winning the election in his constituency of Clacton, Essex.

Farage Finally Makes Breakthrough

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Nigel Farage, leader of Reform UK, won his constituency of Clacton, Essex, after eight attempts at winning a seat in Parliament.

Trump Eyes up Farage Win

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Farage’s victory was picked up by none other than former US President Donald Trump, who took to his social media site Truth Social to congratulate him.

Trump Happy With Selection

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Trump, currently campaigning for his own country’s presidential election, seemed very happy with the decision of the people of Clacton.

Trump Congratulates Farage’s Win

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Trump posted on his social media site, “Congratulations to Nigel Farage on his big WIN of a Parliament Seat Amid Reform UK Election Success.”

Trump’s Complimentary Words

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Trump went on to say, “Nigel is a man who truly loves his Country!” This will be music to Farage’s ears as he is a known supporter of the former President.

Election Shoutout

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The pair have a well-known mutual respect for each other, with Trump even giving Farage a shoutout during one of his rallies in the 2016 campaign.

Farage Spotted at Trump Fundraiser

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Farage was seen during the start of his election campaign supporting Trump at a fundraiser for his Presidential candidacy.

Securing a Second Term

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Donald Trump Jr. also attended the fundraiser as the family looks to secure a second term for the controversial businessman turned politician.

Trump “Learned A Lot From Me”

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Farage recently claimed that Donald Trump learnt a lot of his political tactics from him, claiming “He learned quite a lot from me.”

Farage’s Claims

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“I think it goes both ways … He was watching my speeches in the European Parliament for many years … before he decided to run,” Farage claimed.

Reform Wins Four Seats

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Nigel Farage’s Party, Reform UK, won four seats during the UK general election on July 4 despite Farage’s controversial comments on Ukraine.

Blaming the West for Ukraine

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Farage recently received significant backlash for claiming that the West was responsible for starting Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Farage’s Controversial Comments

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According to Farage, Western countries gave Russian President Vladimir Putin “a reason” to invade Ukraine.

Total Tory Wipeout

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Despite these comments, Farage’s Party did relatively well in the election, while the Labour Party wiped out the Conservatives.

Meet Reform’s Four MPs

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Farage was joined by former Tory MP Lee Anderson, former Reform leader Richard Tice and former Brexit Party MEP Rupert Lowe, making up Reform’s four seats.

Farage’s Effect on Polls

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Farage took over from Richard Tice to boost the party’s popularity, which had a significant impact on the polls.

Reform’s Rise in Polls

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The Party swiftly moved from 15% to 17% in the polls within Farage’s first two weeks as Party leader, before Reform gained more popularity.

Farage Eyes Opportunity

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According to one poll by YouGov, Reform eventually overtook the Conservatives, and Farage saw an opportunity.

Reform UK Splits Right Wing Vote

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Farage quickly began referring to his Party as “the opposition” as Conservative voters continued to switch allegiance to Farage’s Party.

A Powerful Ally

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With Trump’s support, Nigel Farage has a very powerful ally as he enters Parliament for the first time as an MP.

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