Farage Might Not Be Standing, But He Won’t Be Sitting Still During Election

Despite being the country’s foremost Brexiteer, Nigel Farage has declined the possibility of standing in the upcoming general election, disappointing many on the right wing of the political spectrum.

Farage No Official Role in UK Politics

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Farage remains the honorary president of Reform UK and was the former UKIP leader, but hasn’t played a role in front-line politics other than as a commentator and campaigner.

Not the Right Time

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When asked whether or not he would stand in the election, Farage said that he had thought “long and hard” about standing as an MP but concluded that now “it is not the right time”.

Will Still be a Reform Supporter

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However, he has said that he would “do my bit to help,” suggesting that although he won’t be standing, he won’t be invisible over the next few weeks as election season gets underway.

Sunak Will Be Happy

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The polls show the Tory vote is split between the Conservatives and Reform. With Farage enjoying significant popularity from those leaning to the right, he would undoubtedly hurt the Tory vote if he stood. 

Rees-Mogg Appreciates the Lack of Competition

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Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg said: “The fact that he’s not a candidate for an opposition party is inevitably helpful for the Conservatives.”

Farage’s Dreadful Record in Previous UK Elections

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Nigel Farage stood for election on seven previous occasions between 1994 and 2015, all of them as a UKIP candidate. Although his vote share gradually increased, he never won a seat as an MP.

Political Landscape Has Changed

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When Farage last stood for election as an MP in 2015, the Conservatives were stable under Cameron and Osborne. Brexit hadn’t happened, and he was still a rather marginal figure.

More of a Media Personality in the UK

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Perhaps Farage’s decision not to stand for election results from his not wanting to hurt his lucrative media career. Gigs on GB News, I’m a Celebrity, LBC Radio, and Fox News have helped him make much money outside of politics. 

Could He Win Now?

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Undoubtedly, he would have a chance of winning a seat. The question would be if he’d influence a lone MP that he has as a media personality. He might prefer the media platform to spread his views. 

He Fared Better in European Elections

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Ironically, for someone who wanted us out of Europe, Nigel Farage made a very good living out of it. He was a member of the European Parliament for 21 years between 1999 and 2020, having been elected in five consecutive elections. 

Attention Turned to the US Election

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Instead of campaigning in the UK, Farage has turned his attention overseas. He said that the upcoming US election “has huge global significance” and will instead “help with the grassroots campaign” for the right wing in the US. He said a “strong America…is vital for our peace and security”.

Farage Has Helped Trump for Years

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Nigel Farage has been involved with the Trump team in some fashion since 2016. According to various sources, he helps ‘indirectly’ with the Trump campaign. 

Farage Uninspired by Choices Available in UK Politics

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Talking about the choices offered for UK voters in the election, he said that they ” are uninspiring, and only Reform has the radical agenda that is needed to end decline in this country.”

More Active in American Politics

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Since 2016, Farage has taken a more active role in US politics. He started by publicly congratulating Trump on his election win, and since then, the ties between Trump and Farage have become closer.

Friendship With Trump Superseded COVID Bans

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Such is Farage’s friendship with Donald Trump he was exempt from the US travel ban during COVID. He was used as a strategist ahead of the elections, and his presence was deemed in the “national interest”, allowing him to travel whilst others couldn’t.

Farage Divisive, Wherever He Goes

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The reality is that Nigel Farage is political Marmite, and that’s exactly why he hasn’t succeeded here—in a several-party system, it’s too off-putting for many. In America, however, where division is more pronounced and domestic-first policies win more favour, he could do well. 

Don’t Expect Farage to Stay Quiet

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Even though he will be busy in America, don’t doubt that you’ll see and hear a lot from Nigel Farage in the election campaign. His media influence out-reaches his political might, so expect to hear a lot from him. 

He Won’t Change Anything Here

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Farage has influence, but it’s concentrated on the right. The right is traditional Tory voters, but they have two options now: Reform and the Conservatives. The vote has been fatally split there, and a terrible time in power has handed an open goal to Labour this time, regardless of Farage.

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