The Final Nail? Farage’s Return Could Mean the END of the Conservative Party

Nigel Farage’s unexpected U-turn to run in the election could have a devastating impact on the Conservatives and could be the final nail in the coffin. Here’s what we know.

Prime Minister’s Election Hopes

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When Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a snap general election on July 4, he did so hoping that it would save the Tories from a complete wipeout.

Labour’s Dominance in Polls

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Labour has been dominating the polls for months and many Tory MPs were worried that Sunak would lead the Party into the ground.

The Rise of Reform

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One of the many fears that affect the number of seats that the Conservatives win in this election has sprung from the rise of Reform UK.

Farage Makes Election Announcement

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An ambassador for Reform, the UK’s right-wing Party, is former Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, who recently made an announcement on the election.

Farage Vows Not to Stand at Election

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Farage announced that he would not be standing in the election this year because he did not have enough time to plan out and execute a campaign until he changed his mind.

Nigel’s Shocking U-Turn

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The former UKIP leader made a shocking U-turn on his decision, announcing he would, in fact, be standing in the election. His reasoning was in typical Farage fashion.

Quick Pint, Then an Election

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Farage claimed his shock U-turn came after he “popped to the pub” and realised the country’s terrible state. But why does this affect Sunak?

Reform’s Change In Leadership

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Farage would not just be standing in the election for the constituency of Clacton in Essex, he also announced a change in leadership to Reform.

Shaking Up UK Politics

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Farage also announced he would succeed the Party’s leader, Richard Tice, making him the new leader of Reform UK just before the election, which some suggest has Sunak quivering in his boots.

Using Farage’s Far-Right Popularity

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This change in leadership would be a huge positive for Reform thanks to Farage’s popularity among the far-right voters in the country.

Closing the Gap

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Farage has the potential to catapult Reform UK up the rankings, closing the already narrow gap between them and the Tories in the polls.

Tory Wipeout on the Cards

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If the Tories’ fears come true, the Party could be wiped out of London for the first time, losing almost all of the 21 seats they currently hold.

Public Dissatisfaction in Sunak

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The latest polls revealed the true extent of the public’s dissatisfaction with Rishi Sunak and his leadership, revealing Labour’s rise.

Blair-Level Landslide

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Polls showed that Labour’s popularity had reached Blair’s 1997 levels, and the Party was predicted to win 422 seats across the country.

Sunak’s Woes Become Worse

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Another poll revealed that 21% of those who voted Tory in 2019 now intend to vote for Reform, and that number is expected to rise thanks to Farage’s return.

Tories “On the Verge of Collapse”

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Farage himself acknowledged that the Tories were on “the verge of collapse” and insisted his U-turn was due to a “terrible sense of guilt” that he felt.

Farage’s Original Claims

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When Farage first announced he would not be running in the election, he claimed “Six weeks isn’t long enough to find a constituency seat and campaign around the country.”

Farage Expressed Disappointment

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He also claimed he was “extremely disappointed” to hear about the election announcement and was “very, very down indeed” because he could not run.

Farage’s Political Revolt

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Despite these claims, Farage decided to run, acknowledging that “nothing works” in Tory Britain and claiming he would initiate a “political revolt.”

Sunak’s Fears Coming True

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With Farage now in the mix, Sunak can expect an even more devastating election than initially feared as voters flood to the ballots in support of the former UKIP leader.

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