Flags From War Zone Prompt Gorrilaz Frontman to Speak Out

The presence of flags from one war-torn country at Glastonbury caught the attention of the Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn, who voiced a strong message to the crowd.

Glastonbury Comes to an End

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Glastonbury is now at a close. The famous festival was streamed worldwide, with one tradition still holding strong.

Traditions Kept Alive

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Glastonbury is a part of British cultural heritage, with traditions inside the festival kept afloat by hundreds of thousands of festival-goers each year.

Flag Tradition Holds True

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The tradition that gets the most TV coverage is the hundreds of flags waving as people watch their favourite artists perform.

Festival Flag Criticised

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This year, there has been some divide on the flag that appeared more than any other, causing the festival to receive some criticism from onlookers.

Palestine Flag Causes Divide

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The flag in question is, of course, the Palestine flag that seemed to appear during every artist’s performance this year.

Frontman Speaks Out About Flags

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The flags even caught the attention of the stars on stage, including Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn, who had something to say.

Palestine Flags Catch Albarn’s Eye

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Albarn saw the overwhelmingly large presence of Palestinian flags in the crowd and felt the need to voice his opinion on the issue.

Albarn Speaks Out on Three Topics

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Albarn mentioned three important topics to the crowd on stage in a brief but powerful message that received significant coverage since the festival closed.

Blur Frontman Makes Shock Appearance

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The rockstar who rose to fame in the 90s with his band Blur joined indie rockers Bombay Bicycle Club in a surprise appearance before voicing his comments.

Concerns of “Unfair War”

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The brit-pop star said down the mic, “Three things… Are you pro Palestine? Do you feel that’s an unfair war?”

Dividing Citizens

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The issue of the war between Israel and Palestine has exacerbated and divided the UK and beyond since October 7th.

Israeli Festival Tragedy

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On October 7th last year, Hamas terrorists flew in from Palestine and infiltrated an Israeli festival, slaughtering everyone in sight.

Crowd Cheers Albarn’s Comments

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The crowd’s reaction was one of emotion as they cheered on the comments made. Albarn then waited for the crowd to die down before mentioning his next point.

Right to Vote

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Albarn followed his comments by mentioning the general election and the right to vote, implying that he wants the Tories out on July 4.

Importance of Voting

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Albarn said, “The importance of voting next week – I don’t blame you for being ambivalent about that, but it’s still really important.”

Albarn Speaks on US Election

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Albarn closed his messages by voicing concerns about the US Presidential election, claiming that the candidates are too old to be in charge.

Asking an Important Question on Leadership

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The Blur and Gorillaz frontman asked the crowd an important question about who should be in charge of the world’s most powerful countries.

Over-80’s in Charge of the World

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Albarn asked the crowd, “And thirdly – maybe it’s time we stopped putting octogenarians in charge of the whole world?”

Presidential Candidate’s Age Concerns

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Octogenarians are people who exceed the age of 80, with US President Joe Biden currently at 81 years of age while his counterpart, Donald Trump, is 78. If elected, Trump will be 82 at the next election.

Division on Festival Flags

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The presence of Palestine flags at Glastonbury shows the youth’s desire to voice concern on the matter, while some believe it’s a political message that should be removed from music festivals.

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