Tory’s ‘Extremism’ Accusations Spark Fury Among Muslim Communities

Despite being named as “Extremist” organizations by the Conservatives, two of the Muslim organizations on the list have hit back at the government.

Government’s New Definition of Extremism

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Communities Secretary Michael Gove recently announced that authorities were keeping an eye on five organizations after redefining “Extremism.”

Groups Consist of Neo-Nazi Organizations

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The groups consisted of two neo-Nazi organizations and three Islamist groups accused of perpetuating extremist views to the members of the public.

Two Far-Right Groups Named

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The far-right organizations included in the list are the British Nationalist Socialist Movement and the Patriotic Alternative, both considered to be fascist and neo-Nazi movements.

Islamic Groups Named

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The Islamic groups on the list included CAGE International, Mend and the Muslim Association of Britain.

Gove Investigates Organizations

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Gove told Parliament that “We will be holding these and other organizations to account to assess if they meet our definition of extremism, and will take action as appropriate.”

Impact on Targeted Groups

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One of the Islamic groups, CAGE International, responded to Gove’s announcement, suggesting that it would strengthen their organization rather than weaken it.

Gove’s Reasoning for CAGE International

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Gove insisted that CAGE International were on the list because of a “rise to concern for their Islamist orientation and views” although some have criticized this decision.

CAGE International To See It As Positive

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Instead of being deflated by the news, a spokesperson for CAGE International insisted that they would see the positives from the list rather than the negatives.

CAGE International Promises “Unity”

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The spokesperson for CAGE International insisted the government would see “a lot of unity off the back of this” rather than the bad publicity that the government wants.

Potentially CAGE’s “Biggest Fundraiser”

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In an announcement, Cerie Bullivant of CAGE suggested the list would help them with donations, “I genuinely think that Michael Gove is going to end up being our biggest fundraiser this Ramadan.”

Muslim Association of Britain Responds

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The Muslim Association of Britain also insisted that Gove’s list would not deter them from achieving their goals this year, asking the question, “Why is a list needed?”

Extremism Definition Flares Tempers

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The group also said “You can’t define extremism in a bubble,” arguing that Gove has not come up with a suitable way of defining whether a group is “extremist” or not.

Muslim Groups Warn Legal Action

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Despite many Muslim organizations, such as the Muslim Council of Britain, claiming they would take legal action against Gove if they were placed on the list, Gove went forward with it.

Gove “Concerned” About Groups

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When announcing the five groups, Gove insisted they were now classed as “Extremist” under the new definition, suggesting they were groups “we should be concerned about”.

Community Support

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Bullivant stressed that CAGE relies on community support and grassroots funding, stating that they have never received government funding so the list will have minimal effects.

Relying on “Grassroots”

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Bullivant insisted, “We haven’t had any government money, ever. We’re supported by our community, by the grassroots and by people who care about justice.”

Solidarity from Other Movements

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Bullivant mentioned receiving support from organizations like Black Lives Matter and Sisters Uncut, indicating a sense of solidarity among various activist groups.

Definition Revealed

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The new definition of “Extremism” states that “the promotion or advancement of an ideology based on violence, hatred or intolerance” that could “negate or destroy the fundamental rights and freedoms of others,” is considered “extremist.”

Tory Donor Extremist?

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Recently, a Tory donor has come under fire for allegedly wising death upon the first black woman to be an MP, Diane Abbott, although Gove refused to comment on whether he would be classed as an “Extremist” under the new ruling.

Starmer Calls Tories “Extremist”

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Labour leader Sir Kier Starmer argued that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak needed to “get a grip” on the “extremists” within his own party after multiple allegations of Islamophobia and racism.

Organizations Refute Extremist Claims

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The organizations argue that they would still receive the same amount of funding, if not more, despite being named as “extremists.”

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