“Make Rochdale Great Again” – George Galloway Uses Trump-Like Rallying Cry In Address

Workers Party for Britain leader George Galloway has declared his intention to “Make Rochdale Great Again” although admitting many people won’t like the use of the Trump-esque phrase.

George Galloway’s Trump Rhetoric

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George Galloway has sworn in his role as Rochdale’s newly elected Member of Parliament by echoing Trump’s slogan, claiming that he will “Make Rochdale Great Again.”

Prime Minister Scrutinizes Galloway

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George Galloway’s victory in the by-election has come under scrutiny by the Prime Minister for his left-wing politics and support for the people of Palestine in the war with Israel in Gaza.

Sunak’s Address to the Nation

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In an address to the nation that was called shortly after Galloway’s victory, the Prime Minister stood outside Downing Street and informed the public about the “beyond alarming” victory, claiming that Galloway, “glorifies Hezbollah.”

Galloway Denies Backing Militant Group

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In response, Galloway insisted that “I don’t know what the glorifying of Hezbollah is all about but maybe he can tell me on Wednesday at Prime Minister’s Questions if he’s got the guts.”

Galloway a Critic of Sunak’s

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Galloway is a stern and public critic of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for his support towards Israel during the conflict as allegations face the country’s military of war crimes, with Galloway’s victory a worrying sign for Sunak’s hopes in the general election.

Galloway’s Rant on Sunak

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Galloway went on a rant about the Prime Minister in an interview shortly after he was elected, yelling “I despise the Prime Minister” and claiming that “millions and millions” of people in the UK feel the same way.

Sunak’s “Only Hope” of Being Reelected

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Galloway has accused the Prime Minister of using “Muslims” and the war in Gaza as a “wedge issue” that Sunak is using as his “only hope of re-election,” according to Galloway.

Sunak Accuses Galloway of Racist Endorsement

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Sunak also accused Galloway of being endorsed by the former leader of the British National Party, Nick Griffin, who the Prime Minister called “the racist former leader of the BNP.”

Galloway Denies Knowing Nick Griffin

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Once again, Galloway responded by asserting “I really don’t know what he’s talking about,” insisting that he had no connections to Nick Griffin and had never even met the former leader of the BNP.

Embracing Trump’s Slogan

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In a surprising move, Galloway borrowed from Donald Trump’s playbook, vowing to “make Rochdale great again” hoping to restore the town and admitting that people may not like that slogan.

Defending the Slogan

Galloway admitted, “And I know some of you don’t like that slogan but Rochdale was great, and why should it not be great again?” acknowledging Trump’s lack of popularity in the area.

Accusations Against Israel

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In a media session, Galloway accused Israel of carrying out a “genocide” in Gaza, referencing South Africa’s case at the International Court of Justice.

Galloway’s Jab at Politicians

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Galloway made a patronizing remark to the politicians inside Parliament as he entered, telling the press he “always like the building” before adding “The people inside it, not so much.”

Galloway’s Trump Connection

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Galloway’s possible connection with former US President Donald Trump is their stance on NATO, with both Trump and Galloway being stern critics of the organization.

The Cost of NATO

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In the past, Galloway has slammed NATO for its cost, just as Trump warned NATO countries “You gotta pay” or else he wouldn’t support them in the event of an invasion.

Galloway Targets Labour Seats

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Galloway has made it his mission to ensure Labour gets as few seats as possible in the upcoming general election, targeting Labour deputy leader Angela Rayner’s constituency in Greater Manchester next.

Galloway’s Vendetta Towards Labour

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Galloway openly despises both Conservative and Labour politicians, after he was removed from Labour in 2003 for his anti-war stance and comments about Britain’s involvement in Iraq at the time.

Galloway Singles Out Starmer

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When Galloway won his seat in Rochdale, he directly called out Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, saying that his victory was for Gaza and that Starmer would pay for his contribution towards the conflict.

Galloway Promises Starmer Will “Pay”

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Galloway insisted “Keir Starmer, this is for Gaza,” before warning “You have paid, and you will pay, a high price for the role that you have played” in the conflict in the Gaza Strip.

Starmer’s Response

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Keir Starmer responded by saying “Galloway only won because Labour didn’t stand a candidate,” following the Labour candidate’s removal due to his controversial comments on Israel.

Worries for the Election

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Galloway’s Trump-style rhetoric shows that he is not afraid to be controversial in politics as both Conservatives and Labour worry about him and the Workers Party of Britain as the general election nears.

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