Religious Leader’s Homophobic Remarks Cause LGBTQ+ Community Fury

A Welsh Christian publication reported a comment from a religious leader, which he later appologised for. Here’s what happened.

Words Spoken

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A Reverand in the local Welsh community, Peter Harries Davies, wrote a statement in a Christian publication saying the Bible “condemns homosexual acts.” The Welsh publication Gair y Dydd, meaning “word of the day,” followed by publishing the reverend’s words in their magazine. 

More “Hurtful” Words 

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In Rev Davies comment, he also added that “sexual change goes against God’s natural order.” His words affected many people in the LGBTQ community, including a fellow reverend. 

Not Limited to One

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Rev Davies further added that sexuality didn’t only mean homosexual people but also “single, and non-sexual people.” The Rev also commented in the published piece that the life of Christ was necessary for Christians to help overcome sexual acts of all kinds, including adultery.

Hurt Within the Church Community

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Reverend Dylan Rys Parry expressed that the words of Rev Davies hurt. Rev Parry had not too long ago also shared his experience of comming out. 

Considering No Longer Supporting the Welsh Magazine

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Rev Parry said in an interview with CNN that he wasn’t certain that he would continue supporting Gair y Dydd. He said he would have to “think seriously” about this decision, especially in light of recent comments published. 

Individual Bible Interpretations Vary

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Rev Parry further told CNN Cymru Fyw that “the comments are harsh and more than expressing opinion. They hurt. ‘Everyone has their interpretation of the Bible,’ and mine is different,” he said. 

“Constant Insult”

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Rev Parry further voiced his feelings, saying that the LGBTQ community has faced many challenges throughout time. That the community has constantly been insulted and challenged. 

The Hurt Shouldn’t Come from the Community Too

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The community was a close-knit one and Rev Parry said he didn’t expect the Wales Christian community to “add to the struggle” they already faced.

An Exodus?

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In the publicised piece, Rev Davies spoke of an organisation named “Exodus,” and in the article publication, he says the organisation helps people facing “homosexual and homophobic” challenges.  

Coming Out?

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Davies also told the publication that the organisation is made up of queer and gay Christians that “came out” of sexuality but “struggle with their strong feelings.”  

It Supports Families of Gay Members 

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According to the reverend’s article commentry, he mentioned that the organisation he spoke of was supporting homosexual people and their families alike. 

Exodus Global Alliance

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The organisation Exodus Global Alliance’s website allegedly says, “…a transformed life….. is possible for people who experience same-sex attraction, or involved in homosexuality…

The Hate is Unacceptable 

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Rev Davies said in the publication that the hate homosexual people experienced in their lives was unacceptable. 

I Am Who I Am

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Rev Parry commented in his interview with CNN Cymru Fyw “God created me for who I am, and I dont see myself or anyone in the LGBTQ+ community as a problem,” he said.

Apologies Spoken 

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Rev Davies commented in a statement that “his intention was not to cause harm to anyone.” he further apologised if that was what he had done. Gair y Dydd also added their apology to their readers for any “grief” this has caused. 

Addressing the Concerns 

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Spokesperson and chairwoman for the Gair y Dydd Christian magazine, Rev Judith Morris, said the publication was a valuable resource. She also said that the magazine contributors consist of various ordained pastors, ministers, and more. 

Representation by Many Christians

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Rev Morris said the magazine’s contributors come from all denominations of Christianity with varying views of theology. 

Straightening out Some Records

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Rev Morris also added that the individual authors contributing to the publication are solely responsible for what they put out and share in the magazine. 

Not Always Agreeing

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She further added in her comment with CNN that their committee did not necessarily “agree with what is expressed in the reflections.”

Further Apologies 

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Rev Morris apologised in her comment and said that the publication was sorry if the text had caused offense to any of their readers. Furthermore, she added that the committee was keen to learn and improve on how they do things. 

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