“Blatant Disrespect for Office” – Knighthood for Egyptian Billionaire Angers Sunak’s Critics

Despite major controversies, a major Tory donor has appeared on the honours list to be knighted on the Prime Minister’s recommendation.

Sunak’s Honor List

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has recommended that major Tory donors be honoured despite recent controversies.

Tory Donor Reputation

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Some of the Conservative Party’s biggest-ever donors are on the list to be knighted after a tumultuous few months for Tory donor reputation.

Donor to be Knighted

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The list includes donors such as Mohamed Mansour, who will be knighted for his contributions to charities and politics in the UK.

Mansour’s Hefty Donation

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Mohamed Mansour donated a hefty £5 million to the Tory Party last year alone, now finding himself on the top of the honors list for 2024.

Mansour Causes Stir

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Mansour, a former Egyptian government Minister, owns a company that was allegedly still operating in Russia after it invaded Ukraine.

Sunak Called to Return Donor’s Money

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak was urged to return the £5 million in donations for ethical reasons, but he refused.

Sunak’s Double Standards

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Rishi Sunak called for businesses to cease operating on Russian soil, but Mansour’s stayed put for over a year after the invasion.

Labour MP Slams Decision

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Labour MP Anneliese Dodds slammed Sunak for his recommendation towards Mansour’s knighthood, arguing that Sunak no longer cares for the views of the public.

Dodds’s Accusations Towards Sunak

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Dodds insisted that either Sunak had stopped caring about public opinion or he had already accepted his defeat in the upcoming general election.

Sunak Accepting Defeat?

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“This is either the arrogant act of an entitled man who’s stopped caring what the public thinks or the demob-happy self-indulgence of someone who doesn’t expect to be Prime Minister much longer,” Dodds said.

Sunak’s Alleged Disrespect

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Dodds also claimed that Sunak was showing a “blatant disrespect” for his Prime Minister role by offering Mansour a knighthood after the controversies.

Tory Party Under Fire

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The Tory Party has come under fire in the last few months after numerous Ministers and Tory donors faced controversies.

Tory Donor Controversies

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Controversies include allegations of racism and sexism towards the Party’s biggest donor after it was revealed he made violent comments towards a Labour politician.

Hester’s Large Donation

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Tory donor Frank Hester, who donated over £10 million to Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party in the last year, made racist comments about several groups of individuals.

Hester’s Sinister Comments

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It was revealed that Hester said in a meeting back in 2019 that Labour’s Diane Abbott “should be shot” and that she makes him “want to hate all black women.”

Abbott’s Fearful Response

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Abbott, the first black woman to be elected as an MP in the UK, expressed her fear after the comments, claiming they incited violence towards her.

Sunak Accepts Hester’s Remorse

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak eventually acknowledged that the comments were “racist” and “wrong” although accepted Hester’s “remorse.”

Hester Fails to Apologize

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Hester failed to apologize for his comments about Abbott, although Chancellor Jeremy Hunt alleged that he did and that the Tory Party accepted it.

Sunak Refuses to Return Donation

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Like in the Mansour case, Labour politicians urged Sunak to return the donation, but the Prime Minister has refused.

Intense Criticism 

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Sunak’s decision to honour the controversial Tory donor, Mansour, with a knighthood has received intense criticism as the Tories seem set for defeat in the election.

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