Hunt Faces Backlash Over ‘Absurd’ Muslim War Memorial Plans

In the budget, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced a £1 million war memorial would be built purely for Muslim soldiers, causing criticism from commentators who called the memorial “absolutely absurd.” 

Muslim Memorial Initiative

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, while announcing the highly-anticipated budget, unveiled plans for a new £1 million war memorial dedicated to the Muslims who fought and died for the UK.

Honouring Sacrifices

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Hunt stressed the memorial’s recognition of the 170,000 Muslims who sacrificed their lives to defend the freedoms of the nation against fascism in both of the World Wars.

Tory MPs Oppose Muslim Memorial

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Despite Hunt claiming it is, “important to recognise the contribution of 170,000 Muslims who died defending our freedoms, many Tory MPs oppose the idea.

Hunt Reponds to “Divisive” Claims

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When asked if he believed the memorial would be “divisive” Hunt denied the suggestions, adding that he believed it could heal the relationships between divided communities in the UK following the conflict in Gaza.

Tory Fury

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Leaked WhatsApp messages have been reported from Tory MPs including Marco Longhi and Jill Mortimer, claiming that a Muslim memorial was unnecessary and divisive.

MP Support for Anderson

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Both MPs supported former Tory MP Lee Anderson when he was suspended for arguing that the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, was under the control of “Islamists.”

Tory Party Allegations

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has come under fire in recent months for allegations of “Islamophobia” within the Tory Party, after Anderson and former Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s comments.

Braverman’s Controversial Claims

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Shortly before Anderson’s comments, Suella Braverman argued that the “Islamists, extremists, and the antisemites” had taken over Britain.

£78 Million Pledge

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pledged a £78 million security package to Jewish communities in the UK, including schools, to protect children from the growing number of hate crimes in the UK.

Braverman’s Response to Protests

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Braverman’s comments were in response to the growing pro-Palestinian protests in the UK, which are displaying solidarity with the thousands of people losing their lives in the Gaza Strip.

Deputy PM Plays Down Comments

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Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden refused to label Anderson or Braverman’s comments as “Islamophobic” and admitted he did not believe Anderson to be “intentionally racist.”

Sunak Denies Islamophobia

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When the Prime Minister was asked whether his Party had an Islamophobia problem, after multiple calls for an investigation, Sunak replied, “No, of course there isn’t.”

UK Standing With Different Cultures

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In order to balance the playing field, the Tories announced the £1 million Muslim memorial, which Hunt argued, “reminds us that on many things” the country will “stand together.”

“Nonsensical” Memorial Idea

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TV broadcaster and political analyst, Michelle Dewberry, argued that the memorial was “nonsensical” and slammed Hunt’s memorial idea as “absolutely absurd.”

Dewberry’s Disbelief

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Dewberry went on to express her disbelief at the idea “I cannot for the life of me understand who on earth briefed Jeremy Hunt to say, do you know what?” she began.

Dewberry Questions Memorial

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Dewberry asked what made Hunt say, “I know what we’re going to do. We’re going to announce a memorial,” before saying an extremist who wanted to “blow up an arena” would not have their minds changed from seeing a memorial.

Hunt Vows Country Will Remember

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When announcing the budget, Hunt argued “Whatever your faith or colour or class, this country will never forget the sacrifices made for our future.”

Sikh Memorial Recognition

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Despite some critics arguing that there is not a memorial purely dedicated to those of any other religion or race, Hunt said, “We have already as a government supported a memorial to Sikh soldiers who died.”

Black and African Soldiers Remembered

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Hunt also claimed that the Tory Party has “supported a memorial to Black and African soldiers who died in Windrush square in Brixton”.

Tory Party Balancing The Books

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Despite the criticism, the Tory Party needs leverage to show that the Party is doing its bit to fight the rise in antisemitism and Islamophobia after Anderson and Braverman’s comments on the religion.

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