Islamophobia Victims Strike Back in Condemnation of Tory Rhetoric

After multiple allegations of Islamophobia have hit the Tory Party in recent weeks, victims of “Islamist-Inspired” terror attacks have condemned the Conservatives for their “Irresponsible” rhetoric.

Rebecca Rigby Urges Unity

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Wife of Lee Rigby, the British soldier who was murdered on the streets of London by terrorists in 2013, has urged the UK government to stop adding to the anti-Muslim rhetoric in the media.

Islamophobia Increase In UK

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Rebecca Rigby’s announcement comes after a rise in hate crimes in the UK along with multiple allegations of Islamophobia have hit the Tory Party in recent months.

Victims Speak Out

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Other victims of extremist attacks carried out by so-called “Islamists” have also pledged their commitment to stopping the rhetoric that they say is encouraging the British public to think discrimination is okay.

Condemning Link Between Muslims and Extremists

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Victims of the attacks wrote and signed a letter to the government that condemned the use of phrases that connote being a Muslim with having extremist views and ideologies.

British Politicians Urged to Do More

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The letter argued that connoting “being Muslim with being an extremist” is “irresponsible” behaviour that the British politicians must do more to counter and remove from their rhetoric.

“Vast Majority” of Muslims Against Violence

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The letter stated that “the vast majority of British Muslims who deplore such violence” should be protected and not included in the “extremist” category.

Tory Measures to Protect Muslims

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The letter comes after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced multiple measures to help prevent Islamophobic hate crimes in the country.

Muslim War Memorial

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While Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the pre-election Spring Budget, he first addressed the Islamophobia issue, pledging a £1 million war memorial for Muslim soldiers who fought and died for the country.

Sunak Announces £117 Million Package

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a £117 million security package for Muslim communities in the UK, including schools and community centres to combat the rise in anti-Muslim hate crimes.

Allegations of Islamophobia

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Sunak’s pledge came after multiple allegations of Islamophobia hit members of his Party, including former Tory MP Lee Anderson who recently switched allegiance to Reform UK after a suspension.

Anderson’s Controversial Comments

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Anderson made comments about London Mayor Sadiq Khan, claiming that Khan was under the “control” of “Islamists” and that he had allowed “his mates” to take over London.

Braverman’s Comments Spark Controversy

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Anderson’s comments came after former Home Secretary Suella Braverman called out “Islamists” and “extremists,” who she believes are in charge of Britain.

Islam-Inspired Extremism “Not The Only Threat”

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The letter acknowledged Islam-inspired extremism as a threat, but said, “Islamist-inspired extremism is the country’s most pressing terror threat, but not the only one.”

Solution to Combat Threats

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The letter gave a solution to combat the threat of “Islamist-inspired” terrorism, stating that “To defeat this threat, the single most important thing we can do is to isolate the extremists and the terrorists” removing them from the same category as “the vast majority of British Muslims.”

Signatures From Victims

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The signatures on the letter include families of victims of the Manchester Arena suicide bombing and one girl whose parents were murdered in Israel on October 7th by Hamas terrorists.

Labour Leader’s Response

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has called on the Conservatives to fix an extremism problem within their own ranks, referring to the anti-Muslim rhetoric that some MPs have been spouting.

Sunak’s Address on “Extremism”

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After Rishi Sunak announced a sudden address outside Downing Street to condemn pro-Palestinian protests as “extremist,” it only added to the allegations against his Party.

“Get A Grip” Sunak!

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Sir Keir Starmer urged Sunak to “get a grip” of the “extremists” in his own party instead of linking pro-Palestinian protestors to the word.

Referring to Suspended Tory MP

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Starmer was referring to MPs such as former Tory Deputy Chair Lee Anderson and former Home Secretary Suella Braverman for their comments on “Islamists.”

Questioning Sunak’s Judgement

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Starmer asked what Anderson being hired as Deputy Chair shows about the Prime Minister’s judgement, “But what does it say about the Prime Minister’s judgement that he made Lee Anderson deputy chairman of his party?”

Discrimination Never an Option

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The victims signing this letter of condemnation shows that despite lives being torn apart, discrimination against a group for their religion is never an option.

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