Starmer Demands Nike Reverts on England Flag Changes After Backlash

Nike and the Football Association (FA) have been slammed by Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer for a “playful update” on the St George’s Cross, that Starmer says must be changed back.

Keir Starmer’s Call

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has joined the millions of people in England calling on Nike to revert to the original St George’s Cross for the new kits.

Nike Announces Kits

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Nike, the official shirt manufacturer for England and other nations, announced an array of new kits for each country ahead of the Euros tournament this Summer.

New England Flag Design

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Although the three-lions symbol on the England shirt stayed the same, many opposed the newly designed St George’s Cross on the back of the neck.

New Design of St George’s Cross

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The new design has removed the red cross, replacing the traditionally red lines with a misshapen, multi-coloured cross that does not reflect the original flag.

“Unite and Inspire”

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Nike posted on social media that the new flag design was a “playful update” on the St George’s Cross that it insists would “Unite and inspire” despite the divide it has caused.

Flag as a Unifier

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer stressed that the original flag is a symbol of unity in itself and called on Nike to reconsider its decision to modify it.

Starmer Calls Out Nike

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Starmer insisted “The flag is used by everybody. It is a unifier.” claiming that there was no need for Nike to change it in the first place.

Flag “Doesn’t Need” Changing

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Starmer admitted he was a “big football fan” who goes to England games to support both men and women, claiming that the flag “doesn’t need to be changed. We just need to be proud of it.”

Labour Calls On Nike to Revert Flag

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The Labour leader called on Nike to revert the flag to the original St George’s Cross with a simple white background and a red cross.

“Change it Back”

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Starmer called on Nike to “just reconsider this and change it back,” questioning why they chose to redesign the flag in the first place.

Starmer Questions Reasoning Behind Flag Change

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Starmer claimed, “I’m not even sure they (Nike) can properly explain why they thought they needed to change it in the first place.”

MPs Criticise Nike

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Other MPs have criticised Nike for its decision to redesign the St George’s Cross ahead of the Euros this Summer, with England being the only kit to have a redesigned flag.

Pricing Concerns

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Critics also highlighted the steep cost of the shirt, with the “authentic” version priced at £124.99 for adults and £119.99 for children.

Sold Out Shirt

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Despite these prices, the shirt sold out before its release, but that hasn’t stopped MPs from calling on Nike to revert to the original flag.

Anderson Slams “Woke Nonsense”

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Former Tory MP Lee Anderson has slammed Nike’s decision to change the flag, slamming the decision as “Namby-pamby, pearl-clutching woke nonsense.”

Virtue-Signalling Argument

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Lee Anderson, who recently defected to Reform UK, slammed the decision as “virtue signalling” and took the opportunity to mock the Tory’s immigration plans.

Anderson Makes Rwanda Joke

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Anderson joked that he would be “on the first flight to Rwanda” if companies like Nike continued to make changes to English traditions and values, referencing the Prime Minister’s controversial Rwanda bill.

Anderson Rages at Iceland 

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Anderson was also reeling at the fact that Iceland, the popular frozen food store, decided to remove the Christian crosses on its Hot Cross Buns to boost sales and appeal to non-Christians.

Reform UK Wants Country Back

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Anderson cited the Hot Cross Buns and the new take on the St George’s Cross as reasons why Reform UK are calling to “get our country back.”

Potential U-Turn?

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Starmer is predicted to become the country’s Prime Minister in the next general election, which may be enough to convince the Football Association and Nike to U-Turn the decision.

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