Reform UK Welcomes Latest Conservative Defect As Sunak Denies Tory Divide

The leader of Reform UK has welcomed the Conservative’s Mayoral candidate for Greater Manchester as he announced his defection to the right-wing Party.

Conservative Defection

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The Conservative Party faced yet another setback as the candidate for the Mayor of Manchester announced he was defecting to Reform UK.

Reform UK The “Home of Conservatism”

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Reform UK has been hailed as “the new home of conservatism” with many Tories recently making the move away from Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party.

Dan Barker’s Switch

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Dan Barker, a Tory candidate for the role of Mayor of Greater Manchester, announced his decision to switch sides and was welcomed with open arms.

Tice’s Announcement

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Reform UK leader, Richard Tice, announced online that “Another senior Tory defects to Reform UK” referencing suspended former Tory MP Lee Anderson.

Tice Welcomes Barker to Reform UK

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Tice welcomed Barker to the Reform UK Party by noting his high position as “their Manchester Mayoral candidate” before saying “Welcome Dan!”

Barker Follows Anderson’s Switch

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Barker’s announcement comes just weeks after former Tory MP Lee Anderson made the controversial switch after his suspension from the Tories.

Anderson’s Controversial Comments

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Anderson had his whip suspended by the Conservatives after making controversial comments about the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan.

Anderson’s Islamist Claims

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Anderson claimed that he thought the Mayor of London had allowed himself and the city of London to be controlled by “Islamists.”

“Champion of the Red Wall”

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Tice also welcomed Lee Anderson to Reform UK, hailing him as the Party’s “Champion of the Red Wall” referencing Labour’s stronghold in the North of the country.

Electoral Prospects

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Although Barker isn’t the bookies favourite frontrunner in the upcoming mayoral contest on May 2, his defection adds to the current mass exodus of Tory MPs.

Tory Mass Exodus

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Over 60 Tory MPs have decided to resign ahead of the general election that’s expected to be announced for the Autumn of 2024.

Polls Show Mass Discontent

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A recent Ipsos poll has shown the extent of the discontent from the public towards the current Conservative government.

Potential Labour Landslide

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According to the poll, only 20% of voters declared their loyalty towards the Conservatives if the general election was held this May, showing a potential landslide victory for Labour.

Theresa May Resigns

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Conservative MPs that have announced resignation include former Prime Minister Theresa May, who resigned after 27 years as an MP.

Immigration Minister Announces Resignation

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Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick announced his resignation after disagreeing with the Prime Minister’s Rwanda bill proposal, arguing that it doesn’t go far enough.

Lack of Defence Spending Causes Uproar

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Armed Forces Minister James Heappey has also resigned from his position after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s Spring Budget showed a lack of defence spending.

Reform UK’s Momentum

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A recent poll showed Reform UK is just four points behind the Conservatives, with increasing momentum.

Health Minister’s Response

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Health Minister Dame Andrea Leadsom insisted that there is not a divide within the Tory Party, claiming that just a minority of MPs are speaking out against him.

“One or Two” Troublemakers

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Leadsom insisted “There are one or two people who are trying to cause that division but what the Government is doing is trying to get on with the programme.”

A Vote for Reform Is Supporting Labour

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With Reform UK growing in the polls, the Tories are vulnerable as any vote for Reform UK means a Labour government is ever more likely.

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