Lee Anderson Blasts Prime Minister as a “Hypocrite” in Islamophobia Row

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been accused of having double standards by Reform UK’s Lee Anderson, who feels hard done by after his suspension for Islamophobia. 

Sunak’s Double Standards

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After his suspension from the Tory Party and subsequent defection to Reform UK, Lee Anderson has slammed Sunak for double standards.

Anderson Criticises Prime Minister

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Lee Anderson has voiced criticism against Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s response to the recent racism controversy within the Conservative Party.

Anderson Calls for Consistency

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After facing allegations of Islamophobia himself, Anderson accused Sunak of not treating Abbott’s case with the same seriousness as his own.

Tory Donor Controversy

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Recently, a Tory donor was exposed for making violent and racist remarks about the former Shadow Health Secretary Diane Abbott during a meeting in 2019.

Hester’s Racist Remarks

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The Tory donor, Frank Hester, has been labelled as racist by a number of politicians including the Prime Minister himself for saying Abbott made him “want to hate all black women.”

Hester’s Violent Comments

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Hester followed his racist comment by telling his audience he thinks that Abbott “Should be shot” for her politics.

Call for Consistency

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Reform UK’s Lee Anderson called for consistency in disciplinary actions, urging Sunak to apply similar measures to Hester as he did with Anderson himself following a separate controversy.

Anderson’s Suspension

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Former Tory MP Lee Anderson was suspended by the Conservative Party after his accusations towards the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, that many slammed as “Islamophobic.”

Anderson’s Controversial Comments

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Anderson insisted that he believed Khan had allowed himself and the city of London to be in “control” of so-called “Islamists.”

Donations an Issue

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Frank Hester donated £10 million to the Tory Party, which critics say is the reason that Sunak has let Hester off the hook.

Anderson Blames Money

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Anderson insisted that Sunak was inconsistent in his responses to the two incidents, “I haven’t got £10 million lying about in the bank,” Anderson insisted.

Anderson Calls Out Sunak

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Anderson cited the money as the reason Hester was not punished like he was, “this chap who’s made these alleged racist comments, he’s got a few quid which he donated to the party,” he said.

Sunak’s Misinformation

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Sunak has repeatedly claimed that Hester had “Apologised” for his comments, although Hester has so far only admitted his words were “rude.”

Sunak Accepts Hester’s Response

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According to Sunak, “The comments allegedly made by Frank Hester were racist and wrong,” followed by “where remorse is shown it should be accepted.”

Sunak’s Response to Anderson

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When responding to Anderson’s comments, Sunak refrained from calling them Islamophobic, instead opting to call them “wrong” while suspending the MP for Ashfield.

Public Wants Consistency

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Anderson called for consistency in Sunak’s two responses, claiming that’s what the public wants to see “a lot of people out there would be asking now for consistency,” he said.

Hester’s “Nasty” Comments

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“If you’re going to have one bloke say some nasty things,” Anderson said, “surely you should use the same sort of discipline,” referring to Hester’s comments.

Anderson Welcomed to Right-Wing Party

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Anderson defected to Reform UK despite his past grievances with the leader of the Party, Richard Tice, with Tice welcoming Anderson in a press conference.

Sunak Under Pressure

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Sunak is under immense pressure to resign before he is ousted by his own party as the party faces a mass MP walkout ahead of the general election this year.

Tory Party Discontent

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Anderson’s decision to defect to Reform UK along with the mass exodus of Tory MPs show the Party’s discontent with current leader Rishi Sunak.

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