Liz Truss Faces Backlash Over Appearance on Far-Right Media with Notorious Misogynist

A former Prime Minister has appeared on a platform hosted by a right-wing American commentator with a history of shocking misogynistic views. Will the Prime Minister take action?

Former PM Under Fire

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A former Prime Minister has been criticized for appearing on a controversial political show in America, and calls have been made to remove them from their Party.

Liz Truss Accused of Befriending Misogynist 

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Former Conservative Party leader and Prime Minister, Liz Truss, appeared on a show hosted by a misogynistic, American commentator who said shocking words about a fellow politician.

The Lotus Eaters Founder Criticised

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The commentator in question, Carl Benjamin is the founder of the show, the Lotus Eaters, and has been accused of saying misogynistic comments to a Labour politician.

A Letter to the Prime Minister

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Calls have been made for Rishi Sunak to remove the whip from Truss from Jess Philips, a Labour MP, who wrote a letter to the Prime Minister.

Joking About Sexual Assault

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Phillips claimed that back in 2016, Benjamin made a gruesome comment to the Labour MP that made light of sexual assault.

The “Joke” in Question

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According to Phillips, Benjamin told her that he “wouldn’t even r***” her. The show has far-right views and Truss’s appearance indicates a lot about her own views.

Who Is Carl Benjamin?

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Phillips claimed that Benjamin, whose online handle goes by “Sargon of Akkad”, has some “despicable views about violence against women”.

Truss’s Far-Right Background

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Truss’s appearance on the far-right platform has received notable backlash given her reputation for not speaking out against dangerous rhetoric in the past.

Misogynists’ Impact on Politics

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Phillips urged the Prime Minister in her letter to reconsider Truss’s status as a Tory MP, arguing that men like Benjamin negatively impact politics.

Phillips’ Letter Revealed

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“When I highlighted the volume of threats received by female MPs, including myself, Benjamin responded, ‘I wouldn’t even r*** you’”, Phillips said in the letter.

The ‘Joke’ Doesn’t Stop There

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According to the letter, Benjamin added “‘There’s been an awful lot of talk about whether I would or wouldn’t r*** Jess Phillips. I suppose with enough pressure I might cave, but let’s be honest nobody’s got that much beer.’”

Living in Fear

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Phillips argued that misogynistic men in politics like Benjamin make “women live in fear” by downplaying serious acts of violence that occur against women all too often.

Benjamin’s Response

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Benjamin later came out criticising Phillips for her letter, claiming that it was an “attack” on the commentator and that MPs simply can’t take a joke.

A Threat to Democracy

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Phillips also argued that allowing politicians like Liz Truss to elevate these platforms weakens the British democratic process by discouraging women from entering politics.

Sunak’s Responsibility to Protect MPs

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“You have a responsibility as leader of your Party to uphold high standards among your MPs and candidates, and you have a responsibility as prime minister to foster a safe environment for MPs,” Phillips said to the Prime Minister.

Is Truss a Fan of the Far-Right?

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Truss has been criticised in the past for giving platforms to right-wing political commentators, recently failing to counter one particularly controversial comment.

Truss’s Recent Criticism

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Truss was criticised for not speaking out against Steve Bannon, a former White House aide to Donald Trump, who made comments about far-right figure Tommy Robinson.

Hailing Tommy Robinson a “Hero”

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Bannon hailed the contentious figure Tommy Robinson a “hero” to which Truss refrained from calling out, implying that she had no issues with the statement.

Labour’s Call to Action

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This move prompted the Labour Party to call on Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to have the whip removed from Truss, although no action was taken.

Tory Party Shows Its Colours

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Truss’s latest decision to appear on a right-wing platform shows the Conservative Party’s relaxed approach to right-wing politics and dangerous, misogynistic views.

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