London Mayor Labelled ‘Not British’ on GB News, Calls for Ofcom Investigation

After Tory MP Lee Anderson was suspended for alleged “Islamophobic” comments regarding London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, a guest on GB News has sparked calls for an Ofcom investigation due to calling the Mayor “not British,” and “a true racist.”

Viewers Demand Ofcom Investigation

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A guest on GB News, David Baum, called up to slam the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan for being “not British” after Tory MP Lee Anderson made “Islamophobic” comments about the Mayor.

Outrage Over Racist Comment

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Outrage ensued as viewers expressed shock over the guest’s racist comment, with concerns raised about the lack of intervention from the host, Nana Akua.

Failure to Address Racist Remark

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Nana Akua, the host, faced criticism for not directly addressing and challenging David Baum’s racist comment with them calling for an Ofcom investigation into the incident.

Echoing Anderson’s Racism

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Baum made remarks that seemed to condone Anderson’s comments about Sadiq Khan that got the Tory MP suspended, “Sadiq Khan has kept quiet about every form of attack on the UK in the process leading up to this comment by Lee Anderson,” Baum said.

Khan Not a “Decent Person”

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Baum insisted that Khan should “not allow what has been going on by anyone,” if he were a “decent person,” and continued to question Khan’s Britishness before calling the Mayor a racist.

Khan is “a True Racist” According to Guest

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Baum said that Khan calls anyone who speaks out against him a “racist,” and said “That’s the sign of a true racist. He (Khan) is not British. He doesn’t support Britain.”

Context of Baum’s Appearance

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David Baum was invited to GB News following the controversial remarks made by Lee Anderson about Sadiq Khan, which led to Anderson’s suspension from the Conservative Party.

Akua’s Response to Baum on Islamophobia

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In response to Baum’s comments, host Nana Akua said Khan “would probably argue that he’s trying to protect the people of London and that he’s calling Lee Anderson out for Islamophobia.”

Anderson Fuels His Suspension

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Baum’s comments have come after Tory MP Lee Anderson was suspended for arguing that Sadiq Khan had become “controlled” by “Islamists” in comments which resulted in Anderson’s suspension.

Prime Minister’s Response

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak spent a weekend being urged to break his silence on Anderson’s suspension, managing to call his comments “wrong” but refusing to admit they were racist or Islamophobic.

Deputy PM Refrains From Calling Anderson “Racist”

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Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden also refused to call Anderson’s comments “racist” but admitted he used the “wrong words” while insisting he does not believe Anderson is a racist person.

Braverman Echoes Anderson’s Statement

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Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman echoed Anderson’s words by saying that she believes the UK is “controlled” by “Islamists” which has received huge backlash from Labour and former Tory MPs.

Sunak Assures No Issue of Racism Within Tory Party

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Despite several Tory Party members refusing to call Anderson’s comments racist, Sunak insisted that there was no issue of Islamophobia within his party, “Of course there is not,” he insisted.

Request for Ofcom Review

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Concerned viewers directly appealed to Ofcom, questioning whether it is acceptable for GB News to provide a platform for such views that could potentially fuel racist behaviour in the UK.

Khan Slams Anderson’s Comments

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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan responded to Anderson’s comments, saying “These comments from a senior Conservative are Islamophobic, are anti-Muslim and are racist” accusing the Tory MP of adding “Fuel to the fire.”

330% Rise in Islamophobic Hate Crimes

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Sadiq Khan pointed out the UK’s rise in Islamophobia since last October, citing a “330%” rise in hate crimes against Muslims, pointing fingers at Anderson for fuelling the dangerous rhetoric.

Sunak Should Address “Islamophobia” Issue

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The Muslim Council of Great Britain has backed Khan’s response, arguing that they “welcome” Anderson’s suspension, but insisting the Conservatives have an “Islamophobia” issue that they must address.

Importance of Addressing All Forms of Discrimination

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Khan also admitted that it’s important to address “anti-semitism, along with “homophobia” and “misogyny,” but insisted it’s also just as important to call out “Islamophobia.”

Racism Hierarchy

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Khan accused Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of issuing a “deafening silence” on Anderson’s comments despite calling out Labour for Anti-Semitism issues, saying it “confirms to many people across the country that there’s a hierarchy when it comes to racism.”

A Platform for Abuse?

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Comments from Baun on GB News after Anderson’s controversial remarks seem to be confirming the fear that Islamophobia is growing across the UK due to those in higher places being offered a platform to share abuse.

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