MP Claims Tories Could Accept Another Multi-Million Pound Donation From Frank Hestor

The Conservative Party could be on the verge of accepting another multi-million-pound offer from disgraced Tory donor Frank Hester, who made racist and violent comments towards a Labour politician.

Tories Accept Tainted Money

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After accepting a large sum of money from a man who wished death upon a Labour representative, the Conservatives have refused to rule out accepting more.

Tory Donor Comments

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Frank Hester, the Conservative Party’s largest-ever donor, was recently exposed for making a racist and violent comment in a meeting in 2019.

A History Maker

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Hester made remarks about Labour’s Diane Abbott, the first black woman to be a member of parliament in the UK and longest-serving black MP.

Abbott “Should Be Shot

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Hester claimed that seeing Abbott on TV made him “want to hate all black women” and argued that Abbott “Should be shot.”

Tory Party Under Fire

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The Tory Party is under fire for its response to the comments and has even hinted that they could be on the verge of accepting more money.

Rumors of Second Donation

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Hester has already donated £10 million to the Conservative Party in the last year alone with rumours that the Party is on the verge of accepting another £5 million.

Minister Declines to Confirm Donation

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Transport Secretary Mark Harper refrained from confirming whether the Conservatives had accepted an additional £5 million donation from Frank Hester. 

Handling of Donation Issue

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Harper refrained from commenting on what he called “hypothetical” scenarios regarding future donations from Hester as his Party is battered with controversy.

MPs Call For Donation Return

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MPs from across the country have slammed the Conservatives for their response to the racist abuse, calling on the Party to return the donation.

Tory Donation a “Stain”

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Labour MP Anneliese Dodds called the comments “deeply disturbing” and said, “Anything less than returning the money will be a stain on the Conservative party.” 

SNP Accuses Prime Minister

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The Scottish National Party’s leader for Westminster, Stephen Flynn, accused the Prime Minister of putting “money before morales” by refusing to return the donation.

Prime Minister’s Response

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak faced criticism for his initial reluctance to denounce Hester’s remarks as racist, with Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch breaking ranks to condemn the comments.

Prime Minister Says “Remorse” Is Accepted

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The Prime Minister did call the comments “racist” after 24 hours of silence but also insisted that Hester’s “remorse should be accepted” after Hester’s response to the backlash.

Defending Prime Minister’s Response

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Harper defended Sunak’s handling of the situation, stating that the Prime Minister swiftly labelled the comments as racist once the facts were verified.

Harper Backs Sunak’s Response

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Harper also claimed “He’s made comments and he’s apologized for them and the Prime Minister has made it very clear that the donation stands,” despite there being a flaw in his statement.

Hester’s Lack of Apology

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Hester never actually made an apology, opting instead for admitting his violent and racist remarks were “Rude” and insisting he tried to apologize by calling Abbott.

Lack of Apology to Diane Abbott

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Diane Abbott expressed her disappointment over the absence of apologies from Conservative Party members regarding Hester’s remarks.

Harper Insinuates Future Donation

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Harper insisted, “If in the future there’s a future donation, that will be declared in the usual way. But that’s a hypothetical question that will be looked at.”

Harper Denies Racism 

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Despite former Tory MP Lee Anderson’s suspension combined with allegations of racism towards Hester, Suella Braverman and Lizz Truss, Harper insisted there was not a systemic racism issue within Tory ranks.

The Nail in The Coffin?

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These claims are echoed by the Prime Minister who insists there is not a racism problem within the Party, although accepting two offers from Hester could prove otherwise.

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