“Misjudges the Mood of the Nation” – Sunak Plays Right Into Starmer’s Hands, Abandoning D-Day Celebrations Early

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has left the 80th anniversary of D-Day early, with one war veteran suggesting he’s already passed on the torch to Labour.

80th Anniversary of Normandy

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On the 80th anniversary of the terrifying ordeal faced by Allied soldiers on the beaches of Normandy, France, things took a political turn.

World Leaders Meet in Normandy

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World leaders gathered to commemorate a number of war veterans who witnessed the bloodshed, although one leader decided to go home early.

Biden, Macron and Starmer Attend

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US President Joe Biden, France President Emmanuel Macron and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak all attended the event in Normandy, although one is returning home early.

Where’s Rishi?

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Despite all these world leaders attending the following ceremony at Omaha beach, The British Prime Minister will be returning home for an election campaign.

Snap Election Called

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak should be trying to win over the nation after recently calling a snap general election scheduled for July 4th, but his tactics have been questioned.

Sunak Skips Major WW2 Event

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Instead of attending the historic event with those who fought in the Second World War for Britain’s freedom, Sunak sent his trusted, Tory colleagues.

Sunak Sends in His Ministers

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In his absence, Sunak sent Defense Secretary Grant Shapps and former Prime Minister David Cameron, who is now the Foreign Secretary of the UK.

Labour Leader Makes Presence 

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On the other side of the election campaign, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer attended the full event, showing his commitment to the cause.

Tory Wipeout on the Cards

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Sunak is already under pressure from the public after recent polls suggested his Party are at risk of a near-total wipeout in the election.

Critics Hit Out at PM

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Now, he has made that possibility even more likely, with many criticizing the Prime Minister for his decision not to attend.

War Veteran Speaks Out at Event

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One of the Prime Minister’s stern critics was war veteran Col Crawford, who insisted the Prime Minister should be ashamed at his decision not to attend Omaha beach.

Sunak “Misjudged” Nation

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“I think Mr Sunak misjudges the mood of the nation by doing so,” said Crawford, who served in the British army for two decades.

War Veteran’s Take on Sunak’s Election Chances

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Crawford took a moment to acknowledge Sunak’s dire chances of winning the election, claiming the Prime Minister should not use it as an excuse to skip the event.

Sunak “Going to Lose Anyway” Says Veteran

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“Campaigning for an election which everyone knows he’s going to lose anyway is a poor excuse,” he said after Sunak made his speech at the initial event in Normandy.

Sunak’s Message to War Heros

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Sunak gave a speech in Normandy that praised the soldiers who fought in the bloody battle on Omaha beach, claiming that the British people owe them everything.

“We Owe You Everything”

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“You risked everything and we owe you everything. We cannot possibly hope to repay that debt but we can and we must pledge never to forget,” said Sunak, before heading home for the campaign.

Starmer’s Speech Speaks Volumes

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Sunak’s fierce rival in the upcoming election, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, insisted that standing next to the soldiers was a “privilege”.

Sunak’s Decision Holds Political Consequences

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War hero, Col Crawford, insisted that Sunak’s decision not to stay for the Omaha beach ceremony makes it look like he’s given up on the election already.

Passing on the Premiership

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According to Crawford, “He (Sunak) should be there with the others, and his absence and Starmer’s presence makes it look as if he’s passed the premiership to Sir Keir already.”

Sunak’s Slip Up

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Sunak’s polling results shows that if the Tories want to gain any ground in this general election, there is little room for slip ups, although this one could have dire consequences.

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