“Humiliation by Men to Women” Misogyny in Politics Revealed by Female Labour MP

Labour’s Jess Phillips was heckled and booed during a victory speech while she revealed the shocking harassment of women in politics.

Labour MP Reveals Misogyny

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A female Labour MP has admitted that women in politics have been bullied by men in her constituency throughout the campaign.

Men Harassing Women

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According to Jess Phillips, a group of men were targeting her throughout the six-week campaign leading up to the general election.

Phillips Heckled During Victory Speech

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Phillips revealed the information in an emotional speech, during which men heckled her, after she retained her seat in the constituency of Birmingham Yardley.

Celebrations Turned Sour

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Phillips only narrowly retained her seat, beating the Workers’ Party candidate, Jode McIntyre, by 693 votes. However, celebrations turned sour.

Phillips Revealed Harassment

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Phillips revealed some shocking stories of male harassment towards women during her campaign, calling out misogyny in politics.

Tyres Slashed by Assaulters

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According to Phillips, a group of males assaulted campaign activists in Birmingham by slashing their tyres and filming the abuse.

War in Gaza

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The assault was due to a difference in opinion on the war in Gaza, with those responsible or the assault claiming they were pro-Palestine.

Using War as a Reason to Assault Women

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Phillips believes that those responsible did not really care about the lives of Muslim people and were using it as a reason to attack women.

“Aggressive” and “Intimidatory”

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Philips said during her speech that the abuse was “the most aggressive [and] most intimidatory” for the people in the constituency.

Fearing God

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According to Phillips, people were “being intimidated” and “being told that God will judge them if they vote a certain way.”

Humiliation as a Political Driver

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Phillips claimed that those responsible were filming the event to “drive content” and insisted that modern politics was about humiliation.

“Humiliation by Men, to Women”

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Phillips said, “In my constituency, the humiliation was by men, to women”, showing the misogyny and intimidation on display throughout the campaign.

Content Driving Politics

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“And they wish to drive content… that’s what our politics has become – humiliation. Content-driven grift,” she said.

Attackers Do “Nothing” to Help Gaza

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Phillips claimed, “I know they’re not here to defend themselves, but they have done absolutely nothing to help a single person in Gaza.”

Bullying Women in Politics

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Phillips said that the attackers only “bullied and picked on mainly women” as the audience heckled her.

Hecklers Chant “Shame”

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Audience members were heard chanting “shame on you” and “free Palestine”, to which Phillips responded with resilience.

Phillips’ Controlled Response

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Phillips told the hecklers, “I will carry on with my speech. I understand that a strong woman standing up to you is met with such reticence.”

Spoiling the Campaign

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Other female Labour MPs, including Shabana Mahmood, spoke about the abuse, calling it “a campaign that was sullied by harassment and intimidation.”

Large Police Presence

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According to reports, a large police presence was deployed to the polling stations in the constituency after worries about voter safety.

Troubling Democracy

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The abuse received by the women who are being fairly voted through a democratic process should be a concern to the now Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer.

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