Calls for Expulsion of MP Lee Anderson, But One Man Would Welcome Him With Open Arms

After his controversial comments that argued “Islamists” have control over the Mayor of London and the city itself, many are calling for the expulsion of Conservative MP Lee Anderson, but former Brexit Party Leader Nigel Farage said Anderson is welcome to join Reform UK.

Demands for Expulsion 

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Calls for the expulsion of Conservative MP Lee Anderson from the party have intensified as anti-racism campaigners protest, urging Rishi Sunak to show, once and for all, where he stands against racism.

Concerns Over Comment

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Speaking about the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, Anderson argued that Khan is under the influence of “Islamists,” which has been slammed by critics as a racial slur.

Rishi Sunak’s Suspension of Lee Anderson

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The Conservative Whip suspended Lee Anderson after he failed to apologize for these remarks, where he also accused London Mayor Sadiq Khan of compromising the city.

Support and Criticism From Parties

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According to Lee Anderson, Sadiq Khan has “given our capital city away to his mates,” which has also gained criticism from Labour and support from members of the Reform Party.

Public Condemnation From Senior Conservatives

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Senior Conservatives, including Tory Minister Nus Ghani, Sir Sajid Javid, and Tory Minister Lord Ahmad, publicly denounced Anderson’s remarks as dangerous and divisive.

Tory MPs Express Concerns

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Leaked WhatsApp messages revealed that some Tory MPs are expressing dissatisfaction over the suspension of Lee Anderson, suggesting it might have been a mistake.

Farage Consoles Anderson

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Nigel Farage, former leader of the Brexit Party, put an arm on the shoulder of Anderson, suggesting that he was “cancelled” and suggested he should join Reform UK.

Farage’s Plan to “Destroy” Tories

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Farage’s message was part of a WhatsApp group consisting of Tory MPs from 2019, in which Farage mentioned that if Anderson joined Reform UK, they could work together to “Destroy” the Tories.

Anderson’s Attempt to Clean Up

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When trying to clear up his words during a TV interview, Anderson said that he doesn’t “actually believe that the Islamists have got control of our country,” but what he does believe is something just as controversial.

Anderson’s Controversial Comments 

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Anderson told the interview that Sadiq Khan himself is under the control of “Islamists,” or “his mates” as he referred to them, suggesting that “they’ve got control of London.”

Chief Executive of Hope Not Hate Condemns Anderson

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Chief Executive of Hope Not Hate, Nick Lowles condemned Anderson’s comments as “Islamophobic, racist, and extreme,” urging the Tory Chairman to expel him from the party immediately.

Igniting the Far Right

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According to Lowles, comments like these are a “lie” and ignite “ the flames of the Far Right” with the risk of putting Khan “in danger.”

Government Chief Whip’s Statement

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The Government Chief Whip suspended Anderson’s Conservative whip after he lacked remorse, with a spokesperson saying that Anderson was only suspended “Following his refusal to apologize.”

Muslim Council of Britain’s Statement

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The Muslim Council of Britain welcomed Anderson’s suspension but argued it as only a fraction of the larger issue, urging the Conservative Party to stamp out its alleged Islamophobia problem within its Party.

Conservative Party’s Alleged “Islamophobia Problem”

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The Council said that while they “welcome Mr Anderson’s suspension, his comments did not occur in a vacuum and is only the tip of an iceberg,” and that “The Conservative Party has an Islamophobia problem.”

Anderson’s Response to Suspension

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Anderson, while not apologizing, took a stance that suggested an understanding of the Tory Party’s need to suspend him, acknowledging that he put them in a “difficult position.”

Anderson’s Stance on Extremism

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While still not apologizing, Anderson insisted he would do everything he could to stamp out “extremism in all its forms,” including “anti-Semitism or Islamophobia.”

Labour Party’s Response

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The Labour Party jumped at the opportunity to shame the Conservatives for their handling of the situation, arguing that the Prime Minister should expel Anderson and that he should do more to tackle racists within his party.

“Deeply Concerning” Move 

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Labour Party Chair, Amelia Dodds, argued that the “suggestion that Lee Anderson would have retained the confidence of the Prime Minister, simply if he apologized, is deeply concerning.”

Tough February Strikes Tories

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After a tough February for the Tory Party, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak now faces the dilemma of sacking Lee Anderson and accusations that there is a racism problem within his party.

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