Gove Investigated About VIP Perks From Tory Donor

Tory Cabinet Minister Michael Gove has breached rules after failing to register VIP football tickets he received from a Tory donor whose company received lucrative government contracts during the pandemic.

Investigation Initiated

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Michael Gove, the Conservative Cabinet minister, is facing scrutiny from a watchdog for a scandal relating to VIP football tickets.

Gove Guilty of Bribery

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According to the watchdog, Gove accepted VIP football tickets from a Tory donor who owns a PPE company used by the government during the pandemic.

QPR Controversy

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Gove was seen in attendance at Loftus Road, home of Queens Park Rangers Football club (QPR), along with his son back in August 2021.

Football Tickets for PPE Contracts

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Gove had accepted the VIP tickets in one of the QPR owners’ boxes, courtesy of Meller, after his company received around £164 million in government contracts.

PPE Contract Controversy

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Controversy surrounded the PPE contracts during the pandemic, as many accused the government of not choosing the proper protection for nurses, doctors and care home workers.

Gove Puts Meller in “VIP Lane”

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According to the watchdog, Gove placed Meller’s company on the government’s “VIP Lane” shortly after receiving the tickets, securing the substantial contract.

Gove Uses Fashion Company For PPE

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Mellers Designs is a company that specialises in fashion, although Gove trusted it with six government contracts to manufacture essential protection for key workers.

Something to Hide?

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The watchdog revealed that Gove failed to register the hospitality tickets suggesting that he was hiding them from officials.

Gove Accepts Multiple Matches

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Not only did Gove attend the match against Millwall in August 2021, but he also enjoyed VIP tickets for Leeds and Reading in January 2020, courtesy of Meller himself.

Gove Apologises Before It’s Too Late

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Gove recognised his failure to register the tickets and issued an apology before things got out of hand, letting him off the hook in Parliament.

Gove’s Statement

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Gove’s spokesperson admitted that Gove had “written to the relevant parliamentary authorities” about failing to inform them of “two complimentary tickets he received.”

Gove Slides Full-Scale Investigation

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It was this apology that meant Gove did not have to subsequently apologise in front of parliament or be independently investigated.

Gove’s Apology In Full

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Gove’s spokesperson insisted that “Mr Gove routinely declares his attendance at such events in his role as an MP and government minister” and “apologises for any oversight on his part.”

Donor Relationship

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Meller, a significant Conservative Party donor, financially supported Gove’s 2016 Tory leadership bid with a contribution of £3,250.

Gove Alleges Regular Attendance Through Paid Tickets

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Gove insisted that he “regularly registered attendance at a number of football matches” through gifted tickets and tickets paid for by himself.

Cost of Tickets Revealed

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The cost of the tickets that Gove received for the three matches in question were valued at £542, £460 and £460.

Gove’s Official Apology

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Gove went on to apologise for not registering them properly, “I have now registered all three matches with the registrar and wish to apologise again for my failure so to do hitherto.”

Tory Confidence Low

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Confidence in the Tories since the pandemic has been low, with Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Party potentially facing a landslide defeat in the polls.

Mass Tory Walkout

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As just 20% of voters have expressed confidence in the Tory Party in recent polls, Tory MPs are walking out of their positions in mass with over 60 MPs resigning and counting.

Gove Chooses Buddies Over Quality

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Gove’s close relationship with Meller explains why his company was trusted with hundreds of millions of pounds worth of contracts during the pandemic, not focussing on product quality.

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