‘Shameful and Ridiculous Day for America’ – Piers Morgan Blasts Trump Verdict

Piers Morgan has issued a passionate response to the verdict of Donald Trump’s hush money case, revealing Trump’s grip on high-profile figures.

Piers Morgan’s Reaction to Trump Case

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Controversial British presenter and TV personality Piers Morgan has criticized the American Court of Justice for its final decision on former President Donald Trump.

A Contentious Figure Online

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Piers Morgan, known to shake up the internet with his political views and questionable interview tactics, has once again done just that.

Trump Found Guilty

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Former President Donald Trump was recently found guilty on all counts for allegedly issuing hush money to an adult film star before his 2016 election campaign.

Pleading Not Guilty

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Trump, who pleaded not guilty to the 34 felony charges, claims that the trial was “rigged” and he did not offer the sum of $130,000 to Stormy Daniels to keep quiet.

Morgan’s Response Shakes Things Up

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Morgan responded to the news that the world was waiting for in typical fashion, telling his social media followers that he did not agree with the decision.

“A Sad, Shameful and Ridiculous Day”

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Morgan posted on social media, “This is a sad, shameful and ridiculous day for America” much to the dismay of his followers.

Taking Trump Away From Election

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Piers continued arguing that the court had no right to put the former President through a high-profile trial during a time when he should be campaigning for an election.

Piers Slams “Trivial” Trial

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Piers also caused a stir when he brandished the trial as “trivial”. Trump’s hush money case is the first time a former President has been charged with a felony in America’s history.

Dragging Trump Through Trivial Trial

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According to the former GMB host, “To drag a former President, who is running for President again, through criminal courts over something so trivial feels a massive overreach & an incredibly divisive and obviously politically partisan action.”

Turning a Blind Eye

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Morgan has been criticised in the past for his willingness to turn a blind eye to Trump’s criminalities.

Morgan’s Previous Criticism

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Morgan posted that he believed Trump should have been allowed to attend his son’s graduation despite it clashing with a court date.

“Demeaning” A Former President 

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At the time, Morgan posted, “Have you lost your minds, America? What a demeaning way to treat a former president.”

One Rule for Them…

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Morgan’s posts show that many high-profile figures are willing to have one rule for the public and another for those in positions of power.

Impact on Trump’s Political Status 

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Morgan believes that a guilty verdict for Trump would elevate his political status, arguing that he would be elected President if found guilty.

Propelled Back Into White House

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Morgan posted that “Trump’s donation websites are crashing” back in April, claiming “My guess is this verdict will propel him back into the White House.”

Biden’s Head Start

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America’s election campaign kicked off during the trials, with current President Joe Biden having more time on his hands to actually get out on the road and fight for votes.

Trump’s Wild Assertions

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Trump responded to the verdict by repeatedly claiming his innocence and asserting that the trial was “rigged” with political motives from the judge.

Trump “A Very Innocent Man”

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In response to the verdict, Trump said in front of the cameras that he was “a very innocent man”, and the trial was a “disgrace”.

Trump’s Grip on Power

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For any other American politician, a result like this would have probably meant the end of their political career.

Trump’s Carefully Thought-Out Plan

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For Donald Trump, however, he has a stronghold on his loyal followers built through years of carefully thought-out rhetoric and press conference tactics, as shown by Morgan’s response online.

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