Latest Poll Ranks Popularity of London Mayor Candidates for May Election

A recent poll has revealed the mayoral candidate likely to win over the public in the election planned for May 2nd.

Mayoral Election Poll

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A Savanta poll is suggesting that there is one clear leader in the race to become the Mayor of London ahead of the election on May 2nd.

Poll Results

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According to the poll, Sadiq Khan leads by a majority of 51%, meaning he will serve another four years as Mayor of London.

Tory Candidate Trails 

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His opponent, Conservative MP Susan Hall, trails at 27%, 24 points behind Labour’s Sadiq Khan, with the majority of Hall’s followers being in outer London.

Tory Woes In Polls

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The Conservative Party are struggling in the polls for the upcoming general election, showing general discontent with the current government and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Ipsos Poll Reveals Discontent

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A recent Ipsos poll showed that only 20% of voters in the UK would vote for the current Conservative government to take charge of four more years.

Defecting to Reform UK

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Some Tory MPs have even defected to the right-wing Party, Reform UK including Lee Anderson and the Mayoral candidate for Greater Manchester, Dan Barker.

Anderson Suspended for Khan Comments

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Lee Anderson, now of Reform UK, was suspended by the Conservatives for his controversial comments about current London Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

“Islamist” Comment Controversy

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Anderson argued that Khan had allowed the city of London to be under the “control” of his mates, whom Anderson referred to as “Islamists.”

Khan’s Lead Not Convincing

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Despite his lead, “Londoners are not entirely convinced of his (Khan’s) record on a number of their key issues, including crime and housing,” according to Savanta researcher, Chris Hopkins.

London’s Dissatisfaction

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A majority of Londoners express dissatisfaction with Khan’s handling of key issues, including knife crime, homelessness, and housing availability.

Khan’s Successes

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On the other hand, many Londoners acknowledge Khan’s success in fostering diversity, managing transportation, and preserving green spaces.

A Tighter Call Than Predicted

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Hopkins predicts that the race will be a closer call than the polls suggest, “Alongside the potential impact of a new electoral system and Voter ID laws, this could be a tighter race than these topline figures imply.”

Other Contenders

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The poll also suggested that Liberal Democrat candidate, Rob Blackie, has 10% of the vote followed by the Green’s Zoe Garbett at 8%.

Reform UK Candidate Far Behind

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Reform UK, the right-wing party that is increasingly growing in popularity across the country, also has a candidate, Howard Cox, who is sitting with 2% of the vote.

General Election for Autumn

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Reform UK has more to cheer about in the polls for the general election, expected to be announced by the Prime Minister for the Autumn this year.

Reform UK on Tory’s Tail

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Currently, Reform UK is sitting at just 4 percentage points behind the struggling Tories in the polls, showing the discontent that Sunak is facing.

A Saving Grace for Khan

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Hopkins suggested that although Khan is unpopular, his saving grace is the major discontent towards the Conservatives as displayed in the recent polls.

Khan’s Likely Victory

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“The most likely outcome with an unpopular Conservative candidate and an even more unpopular Conservative government is a resounding Khan victory,” Hopkins said.

Khan’s Stronghold on Ethnic Minorities

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Khan holds the majority of the vote for black and Asian voters, while Hall holds the majority of the vote for white voters, according to the Savanta study.

Khan Must Invest in Safety

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With Khan looking likely to head into four more years as London’s Mayor, it’s essential he puts more funding into tackling safety on the streets of London.

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