Polls Looking AWFUL For the Tories – Massive Defeat On the Cards For Sunak

Tensions rise as 4 July 2024 marks an epic election for the UK. Thousands will take to the polls and put their mark on history. It’s up to the voting counts to see where this day will lead the UK. 

Losing Favour

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This year is the first time the Conservative Party could potentially lose many favourable seats within Parliament. Rushi Sunak and the Tories fought to gain the public’s favour, but statistics have shown differently in the past few weeks. 

Gaining Favour

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The Labour Party, like the Conservatives, was battling out a “gruesome” few months and then weeks leading up to election day. The public is showing more favour towards Labour, and that support might show in this election.

The Promise of a New Tomorrow 

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Labour has made many promises, and the public is looking forward to seeing the change the party vowed to bring. 

Years of Leadership

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According to the Independent, the Conservative Party only has just over 80 seats in Parliament. This counts as the least seats the party ever had should the results come to fruition. 

Survey Reports

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The Independent reported the results from a Techne survey, which suggests Labour may have 272 seats majority. Under Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership, the Labour Party, could possibly secure more than 460 seats. These results were reportedly released on the eve of the election.  

Three Standout Parties for 2024 British Elections

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There are three parties that are said to have had a significant impact during this election and the weeks that led up to it: Labour, Conservative, and Lib Dem. Statistically, the Labour Party is making an “easy win.” 

Potential Party Wins

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If things went according to statistics, The Labour Party could hold over 450 seats, which would be its highest since 1997. In contrast, the conservatives could lose by a large margin of votes. 


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Techne also predicts that the Tories could secure over 80 seats and the Liberal Democrats could win 55 seats. But the lowest number of seats goes to the Reform UK Party, under Nigel Farage’s leadership. The seat prediction count, according to Techne, for Farage’s party is just seven. 

Labour Party

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Under Tony Blair’s leadership in 1997, the Labour Party won 418 seats, with 43.2% of the public votes. The 2024 election is predicted to be an even higher seat count and possibly the highest in the party’s history. 

Conservative Party 

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The Conservative Party, however, could experience one of its “biggest losses in history” with under 100 seats. The 2024 election, if the party lost, was lower than in 1997 under the leadership of John Major. In 1997, the Tories seats fell to 165 with a vote count of 37.7%.

Historic Victory 

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In 1906, the Conservatives had their biggest win of all time of 400 seats, according to The Journal of Liberal History. 

Liberal Democratic Party 

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In 1997, the Lib Dem Party won 46 seats and 16.8% of the public votes. In 2005, the party had its highest victory of 62 seats under the leadership of the late Charles Peter Kennedy. 

Clear Conscience 

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The Independent said Sunak spoke of a “clear conscience” when he spoke in an interview with a PA news agency. The leader of the Conservative Party said that he worked as hard as he could to “right the country.”

Vote for Change 

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Starmer remained modest in his interview with PA Wire and said that if the UK wants change, they need to “Vote for it.” 

Time to Face Reality

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The former Home Secretary Suella Braverman commented that it was time to “Prepare for the reality and frustration of the opposition.” She also added that the “race” was now over. 

Accepting What’s Comming

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In an interview by Times Radio, work and pensions secretary Mel Stride said that he has come to terms and “totally accept” this would be the largest Labour landslide the country has ever seen since 1997. 

Former Prime Minister Issues a Warning

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The former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, warned against a “labour sledgehammer majority,” which he added was “pregnant with horrors. ” Johnson also urged all supporting tories to fight for every last vote in the remaining hours towards the election. 

Possible Chaos?

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The Tories senior also said that it could very well be that the party would descend into chaos. He added that the “Tory discipline was fraying” and further warned that the Friday after the votes could be “all hell breaking lose” within the Tory party. 

Better Discipline by Opposition

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In contrast to the prediction of “chaos,” George Osbourne predicted the Labour Party would show “discipline.” He also said the Labour members wouldn’t want to “risk damaging their chances of being in Starmer’s cabinet.”

Now, Only Time Will Tell

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Who will lead the UK for the next few years? Only time will tell as the votes will be counted. 

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