“Not Doing Enough” – Polls Show Poor Satisfaction With Sunak’s Immigration Scheme, But It’s Not Clear Cut

A poll has revealed the true extent of the public’s dissatisfaction with the Tory government’s immigration policies, although the public remains divided.

Public Concern Revealed

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The public is concerned about the Conservative Party’s immigration policies, according to a new survey.

Can Tories Maintain Support?

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The study has revealed that even among the Tory’s own voters, very few have maintained that support going into the next election year.

Concerns Amongst Conservatives

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Despite the Conservative Party’s large support base, only 16% of current Conservative voters admitted they were satisfied with the current immigration policies.

Sunak’s Rwanda Scheme

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has been fighting for two years to get his proposed Rwanda scheme passed through the Supreme Court, with no luck so far.

Rwanda Scheme Explained

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The scheme, which has already spent hundreds of millions of pounds, is looking to fly 300 illegal migrants to Rwanda in an attempt to warn off people smugglers.

UK’s Record Amount of Immigrants in 24 Hours

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The UK has recently experienced the largest amount of illegal immigrants ever to enter the country in one day, with over 500 landing on the shores in 24 hours.

Sunak’s “Stop the Boats” Scheme

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Despite Sunak’s alleged commitment to “stop the boats,” most of the public do not think he’s doing enough to prevent illegal immigration.

Immigration Numbers Too High?

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According to the recent Ipsos poll that asked if voters thought “immigration numbers are too high,” 51% of respondents said yes.

Tory Government Not Doing Enough

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Voters who took part in the poll explained their reason for not being satisfied with the current Tory government was due to them “not doing enough to stop channel crossings”.

Immigration Minister Resigns

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This sentiment was echoed by former Immigration Minister, Robert Jenrick, who argued that Sunak’s Rwanda policy didn’t go far enough, resulting in his resignation.

Former Home Secretary Slams Rwanda Bill

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Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman recently slammed Rishi Sunak’s Rwanda proposal, arguing it “won’t work” and being clear that it “won’t stop the boats.”

Divided Public 

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A spokesperson for British Future, the think tank that worked on the poll, revealed that both Labour and Tory voters have a negative view towards the government’s stance on immigration.

“Widespread Dissatisfaction”

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Sunda Katwala revealed there is “widespread dissatisfaction with the Government’s handling of immigration but for different reasons.”

Difference in Voter Beliefs

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Katwala revealed that Tory voters who disagree with Sunak’s immigration policies do not believe they go far enough, while Labour voters believe they are too strong.

Labour Call for Compassion

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Katwala said,” Many Conservatives want tougher action to match tough words, while Labour supporters want more compassion alongside control.”

Labour’s Discontent

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Only 10% of Labour voters said they were satisfied with the government’s current tenure compared to 72% who are dissatisfied. 

Record Levels of Discontent

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The current dissatisfaction levels mark the highest recorded since the inception of British Future’s tracker in 2015, with the Tories looking at the biggest landslide defeat since 1997.

Sunak Defends Immigration Response

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Despite voter satisfaction and immigrant numbers being higher than ever, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak remains confident in his party’s response to immigration.

Tory Party Divide?

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer recently told the House of Commons that “Half” of Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party is plotting to replace him, with Sunak denying a Party divide.

Sunak Ignores Election Calls

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Sunak has also ignored calls for a general election in May, stressing that he will wait until the Autumn before calling one.

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