Post Office: Paula Vennell’s Bishop Urges Public Not to Take ITV Drama as Factual

The Bishop of the disgraced former Post Office Chief Executive, who was in charge while 750 subpostmasters were wrongfully convicted of fraud, has urged the public not to read too much into the “fictionalised” ITV drama.

Post Office Scandal Resurfaces

The Post Office scandal, marked by the wrongful convictions of 750 sub-postmasters, has resurfaced with the airing of an ITV drama, “Mr Bates vs The Post Office.”

The focus has shifted to Paula Vennells, the former Post Office chief executive, accused of overseeing what some deem the greatest miscarriage of justice in British legal history.

As the scandal gains renewed attention, a spokesman for the Bishop of St Albans urges caution, likening the drama to fictionalized narratives such as “The Crown.”

Paula Vennells’ Dual Roles 

Paula Vennells, ordained as a priest in 2006, served as an associate minister in the diocese of St Albans while concurrently leading the Post Office as Chief Executive during the scandal. This dual role brings scrutiny as accusations mount against her and other Post Office executives for their alleged involvement in the miscarriage of justice.

Vennells stepped down in 2021 after the Court of Appeal cleared 39 sub-postmasters of any wrongdoing, igniting a complex legal and ethical debate.

The controversy surrounding Paula Vennells intensifies with the broadcast of “Mr Bates vs The Post Office.” However, a spokesman for the Bishop of St Albans contended that the drama is not an accurate representation of reality, drawing parallels with fictionalized shows like “The Crown.”

Acknowledging the drama’s disclaimer about name changes and imagined scenes, the spokesman urged the need to separate dramatised portrayals from established public facts and called for a thorough examination of the unfolding narrative. “It is a bit like The Crown where it diverges from actual fact into TV,” the spokesperson said, “The television show has… diverged from established public fact and that is why we need the appropriate processes to go ahead.”

Chief Executive Singularly Portrayed

The ITV drama places Paula Vennells at the epicentre of the scandal, singularly portraying her role without including other chief executives. This artistic choice adds a layer of complexity to the public’s perception of Vennells’ involvement in the Post Office scandal. 

Despite the controversies surrounding Paula Vennells, the Bishop of St Albans, Rt Rev Alan Smith, maintains contact with her and offers support. While Vennells retains a clerical license, allowing her to perform certain duties, she has refrained from doing so since stepping back in 2019. 

In an official statement, Bishop Smith expressed an understanding of the pain and suffering caused by the Horizon IT scandal but stressed the importance of a comprehensive public inquiry. The Bishop hopes for a thorough explanation of events, redress for victims, and accountability for those responsible.

The Bishop said, “The recent ITV dramatisation understandably rekindles the suffering and pain of the sub-postmasters and their families who are victims of the Horizon IT scandal, and anger in all of us for such a serious miscarriage of justice… I hope and pray that the public inquiry will explain fully the sequence of events, provide redress for the victims and hold to account the responsible people and organisations.”

Past Statements and Legal Nuances

Bishop Smith, himself the son of a subpostmaster, issued a statement three years ago, stressing the distinction between allegations against Post Office Limited and personal wrongdoing by Paula Vennells.

The Bishop said three years ago, “I have maintained a close watch on developments and I note that Post Office Limited reached a settlement agreement with some of the plaintiffs. It is my understanding that the action taken was against Post Office Limited as a corporation and that no culpability was attributed to any specific individuals.”

Followed by, “Ms Vennells has made a personal apology. I am also aware that there are many legal processes still underway which I, and anyone else, would hesitate to pre-empt.” The Bishop recognised “a difference between allegations made against Post Office Limited and allegations of personal wrongdoing by Ms Vennells.”

As the public inquiry continues, Paula Vennells has taken the decision to hand back her CBE. 

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