Latest Polls: Farage Catapults His Party, Moving Closer Than Ever to Tories

Following the return of Nigel Farage to politics, his influence is already taking shape with Reform looking likely to overtake the Tories in the polls.

Reform UK’s Rise

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A recent poll has revealed Reform UK’s rise over the last few months, placing the Party at its highest-ever point. Should the Tories be worried?

Pushing the Tories

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The right-wing Party has been pushing the Conservatives in the polls, closing the gap by more and more each time a poll was released.

Tice’s Political Promise

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Earlier in the year, former leader of the Party, Richard Tice, said he hoped to close the gap to 4 percentage points behind the Tories, but they have gone one step further.

Mind the Gap, Sunak

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The latest YouGov poll shows that Reform UK is just two percentage points behind Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s Conservative Party.

Tories Reach New Low

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YouGov revealed the results, which showed Reform UK had 17% of the vote, compared to the Tories at just 19%. 

Labour’s Landslide Victory

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Unsurprisingly, Labour still holds a majority lead of 40%, hoping to inflict the largest defeat on the Conservatives since Tony Blair in 1997, but the focus remains on Reform.

Reform’s Surprise Boost to Campaign

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Reform UK did have a significant boost to the campaign just before the before was conducted that would have worried the Conservatives.

The Return of Nigel Farage

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Former leader of the Brexit Party, Nigel Farage, u-turned on his decision not to run in the general election with an announcement that stunned the political world.

Farage’s Double-Announcement

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Farage announced that he would not only run in the general election on July 4th but also take over from Richard Tice as leader of Reform.

The Dreaded News for Tories

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This was the news that the Conservatives desperately didn’t want to hear, as Farage’s return could largely influence right-wing voters.

Farage’s Influence on the Right

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Previously, many right-wing voters would have been torn between Reform and the Conservatives, although Farage’s return may have made the decision much easier.

The Proof Is in the Pudding

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Now, the results of the YouGov poll show that Farage’s influence is already taking shape as Reform jumps up by 2 points, while the Tories lose 2%.

Poll Takes Place Before Big Event

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The poll also took place before the debate between Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer.

Stalemate Debate

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The debate was live on TV and viewed by just over 4 million viewers, and the results of who won was a stalemate.

Rishi Just About Tips It

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According to the official results, 51% of voters said that Rishi Sunak won, compared to 49% who believed that Sir Starmer won the debate.

Clash Between Sunak and Starmer

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Sunak and Starmer clashed on several issues, including the NHS, immigration, and tax cuts. Sunak is now in trouble for his tax accusations against the Party.

Labour Counters False Claims

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Sunak claimed that Labour would raise taxes, resulting in an extra £2000 paid by each household, despite Labour insisting they won’t be raising taxes.

Farage’s False Facts

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The new Reform UK leader, Nigel Farage, is no stranger to claims like this that have no substance.

Farage’s Backtrack on EU Money

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After his Brexit victory, Farage famously backtracked on his claim that post-Brexit Britain would pump £350 million into the NHS, using money that would have been given to the EU.

Reform Eyes Up Second Place

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Despite this, his popularity among right-wing voters remains large, with the latest polls showing that under his leadership, Reform could overtake the Tories in second place in the polls.

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