12 Occasions Rishi Tried to Improve His Relatability Rating

In an attempt to connect with the common man, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has tried desperately to improve his relatability factor. From impromptu visits to local pubs to showing off his average cooking skills, Sunak’s efforts indicate his strategy to bridge the gap between the corridors of power and the everyday lives of the public. 

#1. The ‘Common Man’ Photo Op

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Sunak’s attempt to connect with the masses fell flat when he posed with a coffee and a sandwich before delivering his budget speech. Because, you know, nothing screams relatability like a multi-millionaire sipping on a latte. 

#2. Work From Home Struggles

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Sunak’s tweet about working from home was met with eye-rolls when he complained about the challenges of finding a quiet space in his multi-million-pound mansion. Sorry, Rishi, but most people don’t have a spare wing to set up their home office.

#3. Budgeting Tips From the Billionaire

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Sunak’s “money-saving tips” for families were met with mockery when he suggested cooking at home to save money, completely ignoring the reality of rising food prices and stagnant wages for many households.

#4. The Discount Dine-Out Disaster

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While promoting the “Eat Out to Help Out” scheme, Sunak tried to position himself as a champion of the people by subsidizing restaurant meals. However, critics pointed out that this mainly benefited affluent diners and ignored struggling businesses in less affluent areas. 

We even saw him waiting tables in Wagamama’s for another ‘I’m a normal guy’ photo op. As if. 

#5. The Public Transport Faux Pas

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Sunak’s attempt to demonstrate his eco-friendly credentials backfired when he posted a photo of himself taking the bus – only to be called out for boarding an empty bus solely for the photo opportunity. 

He’s mostly know for being the prime minister who has taken the most private jet journeys. 

#6. The “I’m Just Like You” Instagram Post

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Sunak’s Instagram post featuring a cozy night in with his family was met with skepticism when it was revealed that the room in the background was part of his luxury mansion, complete with a home cinema and indoor pool.

#7. The Charity Shop Conundrum

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Sunak’s suggestion that people struggling financially could simply shop at charity shops for affordable clothing was met with outrage, highlighting his out-of-touch perspective on the challenges faced by low-income families.

#8. The “I’m Just a Regular Dad” Moment

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Sunak’s attempt to share a relatable parenting moment on social media backfired when it was revealed that the picture he posted of his daughter’s hand-drawn thank you note was actually staged for the photo. Nothing says “average dad” like a meticulously arranged Instagram post.

#9. The “Budget-Friendly” Getaway

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Sunak’s holiday snaps from his “budget-friendly” family vacation raised eyebrows when it was revealed they were staying at a luxury resort with a price tag that could cover most people’s yearly mortgage payments.

#10. The Relatable Morning Routine

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Sunak’s attempt to share his morning routine on social media backfired when it included a leisurely breakfast prepared by his personal chef. Because nothing says “just like you” quite like having a gourmet meal served to you every morning.

#11. The “I’m Tightening My Belt” Tweet

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Sunak’s tweet about cutting back on expenses to save money was met with skepticism when it was revealed that he was referring to canceling his private jet subscription – something most people can only dream of affording in the first place.

#12. The “We’re All in This Together” Gesture

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Sunak’s gesture of donating a portion of his salary to charity was overshadowed by the fact that he earns more in a day than most people do in a year. Because nothing says solidarity like a billionaire making a token donation from his vast wealth.

Despite Rishi Sunak’s humorous antics, his attempts to relate to everyday struggles only serve to highlight the vast gulf between the rich and the rest. 

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