Report Raises Questions About How Wayne Couzens Became a Police Officer

A report has revealed that Sarah Everard’s killer, Wayne Couzens, a police officer who abused his power to murder Everard, “should never have been a police officer” after numerous allegations of sexual assault against him.

Overview of Home Office Report

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A report from the Home Office on Sarah Everard’s killer Wayne Couzens has revealed that the police missed serious warning signs about his behaviour, suggesting he “should never” have been hired in the first place.

Family’s Belief in Connection to Everard’s Murder

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Sarah Everard’s family believes her tragic death is directly connected to Couzens being a police officer, stating that she would never have entered a stranger’s car.

Inadequate Investigations

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The report showed that more thorough investigations into Couzens’ indecent exposure reports over the years could have led to his dismissal, preventing him from remaining an armed police officer.

Couzens’ Heinous Crime

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Wayne Couzens infamously kidnapped the 33-year-old marketing executive, Sarah Everard, before raping and killing her, resulting in widespread protest across the UK over fears of women’s safety.

Poor Quality Investigations in 2015 and 2021

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Two investigations into allegations of indecent exposure in 2015 and 2021 were deemed of “poor quality” and were destined to fail, according to the report.

Missed Opportunity in 2008

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In 2008, Couzens exposed himself to a woman in south London. Despite the report of the offence, no suspect was identified at the time.

20 Years of Missed Signs

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The report revealed a disturbing history of alleged sexual offences spanning almost two decades before Sarah Everard’s tragic murder in March 2021.

Failures in 2015 Investigation

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Couzens exposed himself to victims while working as an officer in 2015, but when the victims informed the police of his car registration plate, he was not charged or investigated.

Disturbing Child Sexual Assault Allegations

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The report reveals accusations of Couzens sexually assaulting a child “barely in her teens” with four additional victims identified, with some victims coming out after the Sarah Everard case was revealed in the news.

Unreported Victims and Possession of Indecent Images

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One of the victims who came out after the Sarah Everard case broke claimed he raped her while attending a “singles night” in East London back in 2007, with another victim alleging being raped under a bridge in London.

Everard’s Parents Statement

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According to Everard’s parents, the report revealed that “It is obvious that Wayne Couzens should never have been a police officer. Whilst holding a position of trust, in reality, he was a serial sex offender.”

“Warning Signs Were Overlooked”

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Everard’s parents argue that “Warning signs were overlooked” on multiple occasions “throughout his career” and that “opportunities to confront him were missed” which they argue would have saved their daughter’s life.

Everard Put Her Trust In The Police

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The family insisted that their daughter put her trust in the police officer and that tragically ended her life, “We believe that Sarah died because he was a police officer – she would never have got into a stranger’s car,” the parents insisted.

Couzens Given a Gun Despite Assault Cases

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The report found that the Metropolitan Police failed to properly vet Couzen’s background, resulting in him allowing to own a gun despite numerous sexual assault allegations against him.

A Warning to Police

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Lady Elish Angiolini, who published the report, issued a warning to the police, saying “It is time for all those with responsibility for policing to do everything they can to improve standards of recruitment, vetting and investigation.”

Call To Action

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Gavin Stephens, Chair of the National Police Chief’s Council admitted he was left “aghast” at eh amount of “red flags” that the report found, issuing an “urgent call to action” to police officers across the country.

Flaws In Recruiting Admitted

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Met Commissioner Mark Rowley admitted there was a break in trust between the public and the police as a result of the Couzens case, exposing “flaws in the way we decide who is fit to be a police officer.”

Shock Shows Urgent Need for Reform

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The astonishment from the policing world about how Couzens was allowed to be in the position of power that he held for so long shows the long journey ahead in reforming the recruitment process for the UK’s police force.

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