Starmer Shows Ruthless Streak As Another Ex-Candidate Cut

Labour has told a former candidate that she is no longer welcome in the Party after she liked a series of anti-semitic posts on social media.

Labour Candidate Told Not to Stand

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A former Labour candidate was been told she is not welcome to run in the general election after liking controversial social media posts.

A “Changed” Labour Party

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In a bid to show that the Labour Party has “changed”, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer is clamping down on anti-semitism within the Party.

Liking Contentious Posts

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Former Labour candidate, Faiza Shaheem, was accused of ‘liking’ a series of anti-semitic posts on social media.

Shaheem’s Foggy Memory

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Shaheem has since told Victoria Derbyshire of the BBC that she does not remember liking the posts, although that won’t affect Labour’s decision.

Criticising Israel

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The posts in question claimed that the act of criticising Israel’s actions in Gaza often leads to people using the anti-semitism card to defend the country.

“Hysterical” People In Question

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The post said, “Every time you say something even mildly critical of Israel, you’re immediately assailed by scores of hysterical people.”

Sharing Social Circles

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The post continued to say that those “hysterical” people are usually people within similar social circles, before dropping the most controversial line.

Suggesting a Wider Plot

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The social media post suggested that those who accuse others of being anti-semitic had been “mobilised by professional organisations.”

Comparisons to Second World War

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This line is particularly controversial as it fits in with previous anti-semitic rhetoric used by Germany in the Second World War to describe the Jewish community.

Half-Admitting Wrongdoing

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Shaheen has admitted that the posts are wrong although claims she has no recollection of liking them.

“It Plays Into a Trope”

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“I know what’s wrong with it, of course, the line that’s there about ‘they’re in professional organisations’, it plays into a trope” Shaheem said.

Apologising for Liking Controversial Posts

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Shaheem later apologised for her role in the controversy, “I absolutely don’t agree with that and I’m sorry about that,” she said.

Insisting Against Anti-Semitic Tendencies

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Shaheen insisted that she apologised and is not anti-semitic, claiming she hosted an “interfaith vigil” and invited a local Rabbi following the October 7 attacks.

A History of Anti-Semitism in Labour

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Shaheen is not the only former Labour candidate to be accused of anti-semitic behaviour. Former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbott are both under investigation.

Stamping Out Anti-Jewish Behaviour

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Current Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer promised to stamp out this mindset from his Party, taking a strong stance against anyone who shows signs of the discriminatory act.

Denying Corbyn From Representing Labour

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Recently, Sir Starmer denied his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn, from being allowed to run for Labour in his constituency of North Islington.

Abbott’s Future Awaits

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Corbyn had to run as an independent, while Diane Abbott was allowed to run as a Labour candidate in the general election.

Comparing Jewish Community to “Redheads”

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Abbott has been accepted back into the Party after her comments that likened the plight of the Jewish Community to that of “redheads” in the UK.

Will Labour Forgive?

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Abbott has since realised the severity of her comments and apologised, which the Labour Party appreciated and allowed her to stand.

Labour’s Strict Stance

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Labour’s strict stance against Shaheem, Corbyn and Abbott shows a real intention to win back the public and prove that anti-semitism is not still accepted within the Party.

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