“The Plan Is NOT Working” Despairs Suella Braverman Following Election Results

Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman has admitted she is in “despair” over the latest local election results.

Braverman’s Shocked Reaction

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Former Home Secretary Suella Braverman admitted in an interview that she was devastated to find her beloved Tory Party had suffered significant defeats in the local elections.

Unexpected Blows

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The Conservatives were expected to suffer losses during the elections, although not many would have predicted the extent to which the party lost out.

Losing Out on 500 Seats

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The Tory Party went into the election with around 500 seats, losing out on almost all 500 including significant areas such as the East and West Midlands.

London a Factor

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Another significant blow came in the form of the London mayoral elections, where current Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan secured a third term over Tory candidate Susan Hall.

Braverman’s Response to Brutal Defeats

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Responding to the brutal defeats, former Home Secretary Suella Braverman made it clear how she felt after the losses.

Sunak’s Claims Spark Response

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After hearing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s optimism surrounding the losses, Braverman insisted that the results meant the Tories’ plan was not working.

Braverman Insists “Plan Is Not Working”

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Braverman insisted that “the plan is not working” in a scathing attack on the Prime Minister during an interview after the elections.

Sunak Claims “Plan Is Working”

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Braverman’s comments came after Prime Minister Rishi Sunak claimed that his “plan” was “working” despite losing nearly 500 seats in the local elections.

Braverman in “Despair”

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Braverman responded by admitting she was in “despair” after the local election results came through, as the Tories once again lost out on London to Labour.

Braverman Hits Back at Sunak

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Despite Sunak’s assertion, Braverman reiterated that “The plan is not working and I despair at these terrible results.”

Regrets of Offering Support

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Braverman, who was sacked as Home Secretary by Rishi Sunak after her response to pro-Palestine protests, admitted she regretted ever supporting the Prime Minister.

Braverman: “I Should Never Have Supported Sunak”

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Braverman responded, “Yes, I do,” to a brutal question about whether she regretted supporting Sunak as the country’s leader.

Tory MPs Back Sunak

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Despite the former Home Secretary’s comments, some Tory MPs still backed the Prime Minister and shared his optimism post-local elections.

Transport Secretary Urges Support

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Transport Secretary Mark Harper urged his fellow Conservative colleagues to back the Prime Minister when reports suggest Sunak is losing supporters quickly within his ranks.

Sunak “Up for the Fight”

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“There is everything to fight for. And the Tories under Rishi Sunak are up for the fight,” Harper insisted.

Tory Disaster Can’t Be Spun

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Braverman, on the other hand, insisted that despite Harper’s efforts, there is no way you can make these results look good for the Tory Party.

Heading for Election Defeat

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“There is no spinning these results, there is no disguising the fact that these have been terrible election results for the Conservatives,” Braverman claimed.

Hung Parliament Claims

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The Prime Minister was found to do exactly that as he suggested the results showed that the country was “heading for a hung Parliament.”

Labour Feeling Hard Done By

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Sunak’s claims have been criticised, with Labour feeling like they could have done more, not winning as many seats as leader Sir Keir Starmer would have liked.

Sunak’s Popularity 

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Braverman’s response shows the discontent between Tory members as Sunak’s popularity drops with each passing day.

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