“A Threat to Democracy” – Sunak Declares War on Peaceful Protestors

In his unexpected address to the nation outside Downing Street, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak issued a warning to the country and those protesting against the war in Gaza, calling them a “threat to our democracy.”

Sunak Addresses Tory Measures

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak reinforced the Conservative Party’s stance against protestors in his first speech outside Downing Street since he became Prime Minister almost two years ago.

Unelected PM Cites Threat to “Democracy”

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Sunak, the unelected Prime Minister, argued in his speech that pro-Palestine protestors were a “threat to our democracy” as the government looks to crack down on protests happening in London.

Unplanned Broadcast Raises Concerns

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Critics say that Sunak’s speech was unplanned, indicating a sense of panic surrounding the Tory Party after anti-war MP George Galloway won in the Rochdale by-election by a landslide victory.

Palestine Solidarity Movement’s Influence

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The Palestine solidarity movement has significantly impacted British politics, with former Home Secretary Suella Braverman removed from her position due to the words she used to describe peaceful protestors.

Sunak’s Warning to Protestors

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Sunak’s speech could be seen as an attempt to completely silence those who wish to protest in the UK as they disagree with Sunak’s open support for Israel during its conflict in Gaza.

Sunak’s Stern Words

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Sunak argued that “In recent weeks and months we have seen a shocking increase in extremist disruption and criminality,” referring to the pro-Palestine protestors.

Response to Council Disruptions

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Sunak accused the Palestine movement of evolving from peaceful protests to disruptive activities, citing storming of council meetings and local events, posing a “threat to democracy” despite many believing peaceful protests are the right of the public.

Protestors Accused of Intimidation

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Sunak said in his speech that, “What started as protests on our streets have descended into intimidation, threats and planned acts of violence.”

History of Peaceful Protests

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Peaceful protests have been a long-standing right in the UK with many in history leading to significant parliamentary changes that help benefit the country.

Workers’ Unions Peaceful Protests

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In the 1930s, workers’ unions protested peacefully and tirelessly to fight for workers’ rights to a holiday at the end of the week, resulting in what we now call “weekends,” largely considered a human right.

Home Secretary Slams Protestors

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Despite this history of peaceful protests in the country, Home Secretary James Cleverly has called out the pro-Palestine protests, arguing they have “made their point,” asking “What are these protests genuinely hoping to achieve?”

Antisemitism and Slogans

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Sunak labelled it “unacceptable” to display “antisemitic” slogans, specifically referencing the slogan, “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” although critics argue the slogan is an attempt at bringing peace to the area, rather than violence.

Muslim Communities Condemn Antisemitism

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Hate crimes in general in the UK soared by 651% in the two weeks after the attacks on October 7th, including 33 physical attacks against Jewish individuals and families, which Muslim communities have vehemently condemned.

Rise in Hate Crimes Since War

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Both Islamophobia and antisemitism have significantly risen in the UK since the conflict escalated in Gaza, with the Prime Minister mainly focused on the latter, recently promising a huge sum of money to protect Jewish communities.

Sunak’s £72 Million Pledge

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In response to the shocking rise in antisemitic hate crimes, Sunak pledged a staggering £72 million package to aid Jewish communities, especially schools, in bolstering security measures to prevent the shocking attacks from occurring. 

Tory Party’s Islamophobic Allegations

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Islamophobic allegations have also been thrown at the Tory party for comments made by, now-suspended, former MP Lee Anderson along with former Home Secretary Suella Braverman’s controversial comments.

Calling for a Ceasefire

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The Stop The War Coalition argued that the country needs to exercise its right to protest now “more than ever” as the “overwhelming majority of the population” is calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, whereas Sunak refuses to do so.

Communities Call For Change

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Jewish communities have called for an end to Islamophobic hate crimes, with Muslim organisations issuing the same stance about antisemitism.

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