“I’m Sorry,” Rishi Sunak Grovels For Public Forgiveness After Colossal Election Defeat

Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s first words to the public after being booted out of Number 10 surprised the entire nation. 

Former Prime Minister’s Loss

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Former Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has apologised to the nation after losing his Premiership the morning after the election.

Sunak Reacts to Landslide Defeat

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Sunak’s Party, the Conservatives, lost the election to the Labour Party by a historic landslide defeat, causing Sunak to react.

All Ears on Sunak

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Crowds gathered outside Downing Street, where the Prime Minister resides, to hear what Rishi Sunak had to say for himself after a torrid night for the Tories.

Sunak Smiles After Defeat

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Sunak came out the door with a slight smile on his face despite the heavy defeat before announcing a surprising opening line.

Sunak’s First Words

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The first words Rishi Sunak told the nation after it was revealed he would not continue the role were, “I am sorry.” But will the public accept this?

“To The Country… I Am Sorry”

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“To the country, I would like to say first and foremost, I am sorry,” Sunak said, followed by a surprising speech to the country.

Admitting Change is Wanted

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“I have given this job my all, but you have sent a clear signal that the Government of the United Kingdom must change,” Sunak admitted.

Sunak Takes Responsibility

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Sunak took full responsibility for the loss, claiming, “I have heard your anger, your disappointment, and I take responsibility for this loss.”

Sunak Gracious in Defeat

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Sunak was surprisingly gracious in defeat after spending the last 20 months as Prime Minister with a hardline stance and refraining from taking responsibility.

Sunak Respects Starmer

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Suank surprised many by claiming that his successor, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer, was, in fact, a man he respected.

Starmer “A Decent” Man

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Sunak congratulated Starmer, claiming the new Prime Minister is a “decent, public-spirited man who I respect,” but what went wrong for Sunak?

An Impossible Task?

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It could be said that Sunak, who was not elected by the public, accepted a near-impossible task of making up for Liz Truss’s humongous mistakes in her short time as Prime Minister.

The Downfall of the Conservatives

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The downfall of the Conservative Party could be traced back to the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 or even the aftermath of Brexit prior to this.

Labour’s Concerning Election

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When Boris Johnson was elected in 2019 after winning the Brexit campaign, Labour was the Party that many thought could be finished, but then some concerning events occurred.

‘Party-Gate’ a Factor

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A year later, during the pandemic, Johnson was the instigator of ‘Party-Gate’ when he and his staff were caught breaking their lockdown rules.

Liz Truss’ Short Tenure

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Others could argue that Liz Truss contributed to the Tories’ downfall after her 45-day tenure as Prime Minister, the shortest in history. 

Enter Sunak

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Truss’s economic policies still affect homeowners today, as mortgage rates soared. She was then forced to resign, making way for Sunak.

Tory Scandals

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Sunak was then caught up in a number of Tory scandals, including an incident when a major Tory donor made racist and violent comments towards Labour member Diane Abbott.

Sunak’s D-Day Disaster

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After he called a general election in June this year, Sunak made a number of errors such as leaving a D-Day event early.

Sunak’s Election Nightmare

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A betting scandal ravaged the Tory Party after it was revealed that Sunak’s staff were using inside knowledge to bet on the election date.

Losing Public Trust

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This led to a Labour landslide victory. Now, it’s the Tories who face a huge rebuild on the horizon after losing the public’s trust.

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