Sunak Faces Another Blow as Long-Time Tory Donor Switches Sides

A major Tory voter has declared his support for the Labour Party after half a century of voting Tory, citing the Prime Minister’s handling of the economy as a reason.

Tories Losing Out

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With Prime Minister Rishi Sunak leading the helm, the Conservatives are quickly losing its most loyal voters.

Switching to Labour

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It has now come to light that one of their most important and loyal voters is about to jump ship to Labour after half a century of support.

Tory Donor Makes Shock Decision

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John Caudwell, founder of Phones4U, has announced that he will vote for Labour in the next general election despite being one of the Tories’ billionaire donors.

Donating to Johnson

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In 2019, Caudwell donated half a million pounds to Boris Johnson’s Conservative campaign before the former Prime Minister’s ousting.

51 Years of Tory Support

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Now, after 51 years of voting for the Conservatives, Caudwell has finally made his decision to switch to Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.

14 Years of Tory Power

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The Conservatives have been in power for 14 years, but Caudwell insists he has some stern words for the leaders of the Party he once supported.

Citing Poor Performance

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“For many years now, I have been rather despairing about the performance of the party that I have supported for the last 51 years,” Caudwell said.

Slating Jeremy Corbyn

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Despite his current support for Labour, Caudwell still insists that former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn would have been disastrous for the country.

Corbyn “Disaster” Avoided

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“Only five years ago, I donated half a million to the Conservatives to help avert the disaster that would have been Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street,” he said before making an admission.

14 Years of Tory Failure

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Caudwell admitted that ever since his donation in 2019, the Conservatives have failed to improve the country. 

Attacking Sunak and Boris

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Caudwell cited Sunak’s handling of the economy during the pandemic and Boris Johnson’s ethics while he broke his own rules during lockdown.

“Lowering of Ethical Standards”

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According to Caudwell, “Rishi’s mismanagement of the economy during Covid,” and “Boris’s lowering of ethical standards” caused him to think twice about his next vote.

Labour’s Manifesto a Factor

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The Labour Party’s manifesto spoke to Caudwell this election, causing the billionaire businessman to praise the Party.

Economic Growth Is Front and Centre

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“When Labour launched its manifesto last Thursday, I was delighted to see that accelerating economic growth was front and centre,” Caudwell said, but that wasn’t all.

Britain as an Energy Superpower

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Labour’s priority is to make Britain a sustainable energy superpower and grow the economy as a result, which Caudwell was happy to see.

The Beginning of Support

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Caudwell claimed that during a meeting between businessmen and Labour’s Rachel Reeves, Caudwell made his decision.

Labour’s Empathy Towards Businessmen

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Caudwell claimed “The empathy from Rachel Reeves and the other people in the Labour Party and these senior businessmen was clear,” before encouraging everyone to vote Labour.

Conservatives Declining

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The Conservatives have been declining in the polls and losing public support over the last year due to Sunak’s handling of the economy and immigration.

Return of Boris Johnson

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As a result, the Party is ready to bring Boris Johnson, whom Caudwell donated to in 2019, back into frontline politics to increase the votes.

Labour’s Voting Boost

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Caudwell’s public display of support for Labour will be seen as another major win for the Party as it looks to inflict a landslide defeat.

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