“Safeguarding the Future” – Sunak Pledges £200 Million For Nuclear Deterrent After Tory Walkouts

After multiple Tory resignations due to the government’s lack of defence spending, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak announced a nuclear package worth hundreds of millions of pounds.

Introduction of Investment Package

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After criticism of the Conservative’s lack of defence spending in the Spring Budget announcement, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is attempting to silence his doubters. 

Sunak’s Investment in Nukes

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Sunak is set to announce a significant investment package that he claims will strengthen the UK’s nuclear arsenal and foster job growth.

Sunak’s “Critical” Announcement

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The investment has been described as a “critical national endeavour” and involves a huge £200 million government investment, which is made up of different financial sources.

Breakdown of Financial Investment

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Sunak’s pledge to bolster the nation’s security comes in the form of £20 million in taxpayers’ money combined with £180 million in investments each year for the next ten years.

Hunt’s Lack of Defence Spending

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Calls to bolster UK security come after Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced the Spring Budget, where very little was planned to be spent on keeping the public safe from overseas conflict.

Global Conflicts Intensify

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Conflicts across the globe are intensifying, including Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the Israel Army’s current invasion of Palestine.

UK’s Investment in Ukraine

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The UK is currently investing heavily in Ukraine’s defence against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion, pledging nearly £12 billion in military and financial aid.

No Plans for Defence In Budget

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Chancellor Jeremy Hunt insisted that there were no plans to invest in UK defence during his Spring Budget announcement until the “economic conditions allow” for it.

New Job Opportunities

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The government hopes the new investment will bring at least 40,000 new jobs over the ten-year-long project.

Prime Minister’s Announcement

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak insisted, “Safeguarding the future of our nuclear deterrent and nuclear energy industry is a critical national endeavour.”

High-Risk Security Threat

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Sunak acknowledged that the threat to national security in the UK is increasing, stressing the importance of the nuclear deterrent programme.

Nuclear Deterrent Is “Vital”

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Sunak claimed that “In a more dangerous and contested world, the UK’s continuous at-sea nuclear deterrent is more vital than ever.”

Sunak’s Praise for Nuclear Energy

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Sunak praised nuclear energy, arguing that “nuclear delivers cheaper, cleaner home-grown energy for consumers.

Focus on Barrow-in-Furness

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The investment initiative will centre on Barrow-in-Furness, which Sunak called “the home of UK submarines.”

Nuclear Energy Will “Keep Us Safe”

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Sunak’s praise for nuclear energy didn’t stop there. He argued that the “next generation of our nuclear enterprise” will “keep us safe, keep our energy secure, and keep our bills down for good.”

Sunak Under Fire For Budget Choices

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Sunak has come under fire for his lack of defence spending while pledging hundreds of millions of pounds so far in attempting to send 300 migrants to Rwanda.

Armed Forces Minister Quits

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Armed Forces Minister James Heappey recently announced his resignation ahead of the general election due to Sunak’s lack of defence spending.

Immigration Minister Walks Out

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Due to his contentious Rwanda policy, Sunak also lost his Immigration Minister, Robert Jenrick, who claimed the policy doesn’t go far enough for what the government is spending on it.

British Army “Too Small”

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The UK’s Defence Minister Grant Shapps recently claimed that the British army would be “too small” to fight in a conflict against Russia after recruitment issues.

Controversies Persist

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The Prime Minister’s pledge to the UK’s defence is coming at a critical time, although controversies will persist due to its alleged environmental issues.

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