Tories MPs Rage at Sunak’s D-Day Commemorations Own Goal

Rishi Sunak’s actions regarding the D-Day remembrance service infuriated a large proportion of Tory support. He will have to climb a steep hill to win back support.

80th Anniversary of D-Day

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The massive ‘Operation Neptune’ launched on the 6th of June, 1944, saw hundreds of thousands of Allied troops land on the beaches of northern France.

Operation Saw Thousands Killed

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Heavy fighting caused the death of thousands of troops on both sides. It is one of the single bloodiest conflicts in a war that raged for six years.

Started the Liberation of Europe

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The operation was the start of the liberation of Europe, with France as the starting point. The allied forces gradually headed eastwards, liberating more countries as they went.

Important Remembrance Service Still Held Annually

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Every year, a D-Day remembrance service commemorates the fallen soldiers. It is attended by surviving veterans, allied leaders, and invited dignitaries. It’s a day when politics is on the backburner.

Unless You’re Rishi Sunak

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Sunak wasn’t even planning to attend the D-Day service, which is simply appalling as the Prime Minister of the UK.

Sunak Attended, But Left Early

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Sunak did make the service but left shortly after to be interviewed by ITN. Sunak’s team offered ITN a slot, suggesting he had no intention of staying at the D-Day service. 

Kirsty Wark Confirmed on Newsnight

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On the BBC’s Newsnight programme, host Kirsty Wark confirmed that Sunak’s team offered that particular time slot, which certainly wasn’t because of external pressure to be interviewed. 

ITV Later Confirmed the News

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ITV News at Ten UK editor Paul Brand said: “We’ve been asking the Prime Minister for an interview for a while now – we are profiling all the leaders on the ITV Tonight programme. Today was the slot that we were offered, we don’t know why. Obviously it is not our choice. But he certainly returned from Normandy ready to dive back into the campaign.”

Tory Support Has Raged

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Tim Montgomerie, the founder of ConservativeHome, said: “If he came for an interview, a political interview, from the D-Day commemorations, that is indefensible.”

Furious Montgomerie Raged On

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He continued: “It’s extraordinary that the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, at a time when the King, who has advanced his medical treatments so he was there – this is going to be the last big commemoration where survivors will be present. I think it is political malpractice of the highest order if Rishi Sunak absented himself for an election interview on ITV.”

Daily Mail Turned on Sunak

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Even the Daily Mail, often seen as the charge-leader for Tory propaganda, was shocked at the decision. They ran a story with the headline: “Disbelief from military figures after Rishi Sunak returned from Normandy before all of the D-Day events had finished doing General Election interview recording with ITV News.”

Allowed Labour to Score a PR Win

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Alongside the lack of respect shown to veterans, Tory supporters are furious that Labour had the perfect opportunity to win support from the armed forces and other world leaders. 

Starmer Took the Opportunity With Both Hands

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Starmer appeared every inch the Prime Minister-in-waiting, mixing with world leaders such as Macron, Biden, andZelenskyy. It was a prime chance to show the Labour Party as the future leaders of the UK.

Starmer Said, “There Was Only One Choice”

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When the Labour leader was asked about his attendance, he said: “For me, there was only one choice, which was to be there.” 

Starmer on Sunak Leaving Early

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When questioned on Rishi Sunak’s lack of presence at the event, he said the PM was “going to have to answer for the choices that he made”.

Labour Twisting the Knife

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Labour has leapt on the news. Shadow paymaster general Jonathan Ashworth said: “The Prime Minister skipping off early from D-Day commemorations to record a television interview where he once again lied through his teeth is both an embarrassment and a total dereliction of duty.”

Labour Accused Sunak of Being “Out of Touch”

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He continued: “Our country deserves so much better than out-of-touch, desperate Rishi Sunak and his chaotic Tory Party.”

Sunak Apology Came Afterwards

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Having seen the extent of the fallout from his actions at the event, Sunak took to social media to apologise. He concluded the statement with: “It was a mistake not to stay in France longer—and I apologise.”

Too Little, Too Late

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This one is the biggest in a campaign already full of gaffes and blunders. It might have put the final nail in the coffin of Sunak’s (already tiny) re-election chances. 

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