Sunak’s Popularity Plunges: Polls Expose the HUGE Dislike

A poll from IPSOS has revealed the biggest decline in satisfaction from any Tory government since 1978, with the recent controversies surrounding the party likely having a lot to do with it.

Record Low Support for Tories

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A recent Ipsos survey has revealed a significant decline in support for the Conservative Party, hitting a record low of 20% across Britain.

Largest Gap Since 1978

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This unprecedented drop places the Conservatives a huge 27 percentage points behind the Labour Party, representing the largest gap recorded since 1978.

Conservative Backing Plummets

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The poll indicated a staggering decrease of seven points from January, marking the lowest level of Tory support since 1978 when Margaret Thatcher was ousted.

Tory Dissatisfaction Reaches New Heights

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Dissatisfaction with the government reached a staggering high of 83%, showing the enormous lack of support for Sunak’s Tory Party.

Potential Electoral Consequences

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The poll indicates that if the current trend persists, it could lead to electoral disaster for Rishi Sunak’s party, with only a fifth of British voters backing them with a potential landslide defeat on the cards against Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party.

Researcher Reveals Potential Historic Landslide

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According to a researcher at IPSOS, Gideon Skinner, “The Ipsos Political Monitor started in the late 70s and has never recorded a Conservative vote share this low,” showing a potentially historical defeat.

Sunak’s Record Low Rating

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s rating as Prime Minister hit a record low with 73% dissatisfaction, a net score of -54.

Historical Low Points

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Previous low points for the Conservatives include instances in 1994, 1995, 1997, and 2022, but nothing compares to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s current Conservative Government which has been under fire recently for various reasons.

Tory Slip-Ups Pave Way for Starmer

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Sir Keir Stamer’s Labour Party is way ahead with a total of 47% after numerous Tory slip-ups, including a suspended MP for Islamophobia, a controversial Rwanda scheme and even a recent recession. 

Labour Party Drops Two Points

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The Labour Party also experienced a two-point percentage decrease in the poll showing a lack of confidence towards Starmer as a potential leader of the UK, although the lack of support for Sunak is so large that it doesn’t make much of a difference.

Challenges for Starmer

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer suffered blows in the poll’s results with only 29% of voters declaring confidence in Starmer if he were elected and a huge 55% saying they would not be satisfied with Starmer.

Electoral Implications for Sunak

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The survey suggested that, if mirrored in a general election, Rishi Sunak’s party might secure as few as 25 seats, which would be a historic low showing the public’s lack of confidence after recent allegations and controversies.

Liberal Democrats and Greens

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The Liberal Democrats experienced a slight increase to 9%, while the Greens saw a one-point rise to 8%, but it was Reform UK who shocked the nation and worried the Conservatives the most.

Reform UK’s Growing Influence

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Reform UK, the right-wing adaptation of the Brexit Party, saw its support doubled to 8% causing concern among Tory MPs as their party’s support plummeted.

Anderson Reveals Controversial Opinion

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The lack of support for the Tories comes after a troublesome start to the year, with former Tory MP Lee Anderson declaring his belief that both London and its Mayor, Sadiq Khan, are controlled by “Islamists.”

Echoing Braverman’s Comments

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Anderson was subsequently suspended for his remarks that came shortly after the former Home Secretary Suella Braverman issued a similar statement, arguing that “Islamists” had control of London, although she was not condemned by the Party.

UK Enters Recession

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Earlier this year, the UK entered a recession for the first time since the banking crisis of 2008, as the economy contracted over two consecutive three-month periods, although Chancellor Jeremy Hunt insisted the economy is “turning a corner.”

Chancellor’s Dissatisfaction as Budget Is Announced

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Speaking of Chancellor Jeremy Hunt, the poll exposed a 56% dissatisfaction rate, with only 22% satisfied as he is set to announce the budget for the election year.

Controversies Contribute to Poll

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With controversies surrounding the Tory Party piling up, the polls indicate exactly what Rishi Sunak has probably been fearing for months, a landslide victory for Labour and Sir Keir Starmer.

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