Sunak Insists the “Plan Is Working” As Supporters Deny Claims That the Tory Party Is Divided

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has insisted the Conservative’s “Plan is working” as the economy slipped into recession and rumours grow of his potential ousting.

Sunak Claims “Plan Is Working”

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Sunak argued that the Tory’s “plan is working” citing lower inflation as a reason to be optimistic despite the country’s economy slipping into a recession.

Supporters Denies Tory Divide

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Sunak’s supporters have insisted there is no divide within the Tory Party despite over 60 MPs resigning ahead of the general election.

Tory MPs Plan to Oust Sunak

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Rumours have been confirmed that “one or two” members of the Tory Party are planning to replace Sunak ahead of the general election this year.

Tory MPs Confirm Rumours

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Members of the Tory Party who back Sunak, including Health Minister Dame Andrea Leadsom and Business Secretary Kemi Badenoch, confirmed rumours about the divide within the Party.

Penny Mordaunt as Sunak’s Replacement

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According to Badenoch and Leadsom, “one or two” MPs are looking at possible replacements, with Badenoch confirming that Penny Mordaunt is top of their list.

“Stop Messing Around”

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Badenoch argued that the Tory MPs responsible for the rumours should “Stop messing around” and concentrate on the job at hand as the Tories hope to fend off a Labour landslide.

Leadsom Insists Unity

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Leadsom, the Tory Health Minister, argued that as she gets on with her daily job in Parliament, she does not see a party that’s divided.

“I Do Not See A Party Divided”

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Leadsom said, “As I walk around Parliament, as I attend 1922 Committees, as I go into the members’ tea room, into the lobby, I do not see a party that’s massively divided.”

“One or Two” Causing Divide

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Leadsom did admit that some were looking to cause division, “There are one or two people who are trying to cause that division but what the Government is doing is trying to get on with the programme,” she said.

Sunak Delays General Election

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Sunak has been criticised for not calling a general election this May, as polls show the public’s discontent with his policies including the economy, the budget and his immigration tactics.

Labour Leader Slams Sunak

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer told the House of Commons that many of Sunak’s own party want him out, before insisting he should “name a date” for the election.

“Half” of Tories Want Sunak Out

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Starmer insisted that Sunak’s “Party have lost faith in him” before arguing that “half of his Cabinet are lining up to replace him.”

Tory MPs Walkout

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Starmer’s claim comes as the Tory Party experiences a mass walkout of MPs who don’t have faith in the Party ahead of the general election.

Important Tory Figures Resign

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MPs including former Prime Minister Theresa May, Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick and Armed Forces Minister James Heappey have all announced their resignation.

MPs Defect to Reform UK

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Two former Tory MPs have also now defected to the right-wing Party, Reform UK, as the controversial party gains popularity in the polls.

Anderson and Barker Pledge Support for Reform UK

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MP for Ashfield Lee Anderson and the Mayoral candidate for Greater Manchester Dan Barker recently announced they would be joining the Party that’s backed by Nigel Farage.

Anderson’s Controversial Comments

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Lee Anderson was suspended by the Tory Party for his controversial claims about the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, subsequently defecting to Reform UK.

Anderson’s Islamist Claims

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Anderson insisted that Khan had allowed himself and the city of London to be under the “control” of “his mates” who Anderson described as “Islamists.”

Reform UK Growing In Polls

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Reform UK has welcomed the two former Tories as the Party rises in popularity among the public, sitting just four points behind the Conservatives.

Tories Deny Ousting Rumours

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Despite all the signs showing otherwise, Sunak and his loyal Conservative supporters deny that more than “one or two” MPs are considering ousting Sunak.

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