Police Swastika Comments Cause Backlash in Jewish Community

A police officer has caused concern among the Jewish Community after insisting swastikas should be taken into “context.”

Incident at March

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The Metropolitan Police have come under fire following a video that surfaced showing an officer’s response to concerns about a swastika displayed.

Swastika on Display 

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At a pro-Palestine march in London, one protestor waved a flag that displayed a swastika causing an officer to debate with a woman.

Perpetrator Arrested

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It’s important to note that the perpetrator waving the anti-Jewish symbol was arrested by the Metropolitan police swiftly during the protest.

Officer Attempts to Justify Swastika Waving

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Despite the Metropolitan police’s swift response, a video has gone viral as one officer attempted to justify the waving of a swastika.

Confrontation Between Woman and Officer

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In the video, a woman confronted the police officer who suggested a swastika might not always be considered anti-Semitic depending on the context.

Officer Cites Need for “Context”

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According to the officer, swastikas “need to be taken into context” despite their historical connotations of anti-semitism from the Nazi Party in World War Two.

Woman Displays Concerns

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The woman questioned why a swastika would not be immediately deemed anti-Semitic and expressed confusion about the need for context.

Officer’s Controversial Views

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The officer replied by saying “that a swastika was not necessarily anti-Semitic or a disruption of public order” before the woman alerted the people around her.

Woman Urges Public to Record Conversation

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The woman suddenly cut into the officer’s controversial words by urging the crowd surrounding them to “for the love of God” film the conversation.

Officer’s Acknowledgment

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The officer acknowledged the historical association of the swastika with the Nazi Party but suggested that perceptions may vary among individuals.

Swastika’s Dangerous Context

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The history of the swastika is taught in schools across the UK with the expectation that children, adults and especially police officers understand the dangerous context.

The Link Between the Nazis and Swastika

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The swastika was used during Nazi occupation in the Second World War to symbolise the Party that executed millions of Jewish people across Europe.

Met Police Issues Statement

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After the video gained traction online, the Metropolitan Police issued a statement on the video, clearing up their views on the situation.

Police Aware of Controversial Video

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The Met Police said, “We’re aware of an online clip from today’s protest in central London showing an interaction between an officer and a woman.”

Acknowledging the “Exchange”

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The Met Police acknowledged “an exchange over concern around protestors displaying offensive banners, including swastikas.”

Police Efforts to Address Concerns

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The Met Police cleared up that the individual carrying the swastika flag had been arrested, “The person the woman was concerned about had already been arrested for a public order offence in relation to a placard,” they said.

Hate Crime Taken Seriously

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“We take hate crime and public order offences very seriously and a number of people were arrested during today’s protest for hate crimes, public order and terrorist offences,” the statement said.

Sunak Pledges Jewish Security Package

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak recently announced a £70 million security package to be sent to Jewish communities, including schools, after fears regarding safety.

Hate Crime Surge in UK

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Hate crime in general has increased in the UK since the October 7th attacks in Israel with many being physical attacks against Jewish individuals and families.

Police Under Scrutiny

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Despite the Metropolitan Police arresting the individual with the swastika, concerns arise about how an officer who doesn’t understand the context behind the swastika can be hired for a position of power.

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