Violent Threats Against Politicians Rise as MP Steps Down After Arson at His Home

After Prime Minister Rishi Sunak called for a halt on protests that target MPs and their property, a man has admitted to setting Tory MP Mike Freer’s shed on fire back in December, resulting in the MP stepping down.

Arson Admission in MP’s Shed Fire

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Paul Harwood has admitted to setting fire to a shed owned by Conservative MP Mike Freer in the latest controversy surrounding a rise in attacks on MP homes and properties across the country.

Attack “Not” Politically Motivated

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Despite Freer’s ties within the highly scrutinized Conservative Party, Harwood has insisted that the attack was “not in any way politically motivated or targeted” while pleading guilty in court.

Photos Display Shocking Aftermath

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Photographs of the incident, which took place on Christmas Eve last year, have revealed the shocking aftermath of the fire, with the exterior and interior of Freer’s shed, including furniture, blackened by the blaze.

MP’s Decision to Step Down

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Following the alarming incident, Mike Freer decided to step down from his political position, describing the arson as the “final straw.”

Co-defendant Denies Charges

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Harwood’s co-defendant, Zara Kasory, 32, from north Finchley, denied the same charges and is set for trial at Harrow Crown Court on July 1.

Second Arson Charge

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The charges against Harwood include another arson incident involving a bin at the rear of a property in Long Lane, Finchley, on the same night.

Starmer’s Property Targeted 

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The attack came on the same month that Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s home was targeted by a group of individuals pretending to be Christmas Carolers, but were instead environmental protestors.

Christmas Carol Incident

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The so-called Christmas Carolers proceeded to sing lyrics about the Labour Party leader’s environmental policies to the tune of Christmas song classics.

Prime Minister’s Home Targeted

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s home was also targeted by a group of Greenpeace protestors who infiltrated his Yorkshire home, unveiling a large black banner from the roof while the PM was on holiday.

Hunt’s Office Targeted In Death Threat

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The most recent incident involving a Tory MP saw Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s office in London covered in shocking graffiti that involved a potential threat to life.

“Die Tory Scum”

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At around 8-9 am on the morning before Hunt was due to announce the Spring Budget to the House of Commons, protestors spray painted the words “Die Tory Scum” on his office door.

Chancellor’s Promise To Soldier On

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Despite the menacing message sprayed on his office door, the Chancellor insisted he would not let a “few idiots” deter him from getting on with the job at hand.

PM Addresses Incidents 

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The rise in attacks against MPs in recent months spurred the Prime Minister on to deliver an address to the public outside Downing Street, the first since he moved into Number 10.

Sunak Acknowledges “Shocking Increase” In Criminality

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Rishi Sunak insisted that he would not allow the protests to go on, stating that “In recent weeks and months, we have seen a shocking increase in extremist disruption and criminality.”

Protests Are “Acts of Violence”

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Sunak claimed that “What started as protests on our streets, has descended into intimidation, threats, and planned acts of violence.”

Democracy Under Threat?

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The Prime Minister urged the police to do more to stop the incidents from occurring, suggesting that “MPs do not feel safe in their homes,” and “democracy itself is a target.”

Housing Minister Hits Out at Police

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Housing Minister Lee Rowley insisted that the protests must “absolutely stop,” labelling them as “terrible” and accusing the police of allowing protestors to “bully” fellow Tory MPs.

Tory MP Suspended

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The Tory Party has come under fire recently for alleged “Islamophobia” resulting in former Tory MP Lee Anderson being suspended after he suggested “Islamists” had control over London and its Mayor, Sadiq Khan.

Sunak Denies Islamophobic Allegations

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When asked whether his Party had an Islamophobia problem, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said, “No, of course there isn’t,” despite refraining from labelling Anderson’s rhetoric as Islamophobic.

Police To Make Judgement Call

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Police must now decide where they draw the line on protests as threats to MP’s homes become more sinister and before someone gets extremely hurt, or possibly even killed.

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