“Deeply Misleading” – Tories Delete Fearmongering Crime Ad That Told Some Tall Tales

The Tories have been forced to delete a “deeply misleading attack” on London’s Mayor Sadiq Khan, mistaking a panicked New York station with one in London.

Misleading Attack Ad

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The Conservatives faced criticism after posting a controversial advert on social media to convince voters to support the Tory candidate ahead of the election.

Controversial Image Used

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The Conservative’s official X account used a crowded New York subway station that displayed people panicking in fear and running for their lives.

Fearmongering Image Explained

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The point of the image was to compare the panic and fear of New York travellers to the alleged fear that Londoners face under Sadiq Khan’s tenure.

Caption Controversy

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The caption on the ad, backing Tory candidate Susan Hall’s campaign, accused “London under Labour” of becoming the “crime capital of the world.”

Audio Mistakes New York Crowd For London

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The audio that accompanied the video alleged “A 54% increase in knife crime since the Labour mayor seized power has the metropolis teetering on the brink of chaos.”

Footage Oversight

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The ad included clips of people in New York’s Penn Station during a panic incident in 2017, but social media users were quick to point out the error.

Correction Made

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Following the backlash, the ad was deleted, and a revised version was reposted with the New York footage removed in order to make it look more like London.

Tory Exaggeration For Votes

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The video also displayed “squads of Ulez enforcers dressed in black, faces covered with masks, terrorizing communities at the beck and call of their Labour mayor master.”

Tory Party’s Prediction

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According to the audio, London residents would be “Gripped by the tendrils of rising crime” causing them to “stay inside” adding “The streets are quiet.”

Tories Falling Short

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The ad was slammed by Labour sources as a “deeply misleading attack” on the London Mayor as the Tories fell short of the Labour candidate in the polls.

Hall Sitting in Second

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According to recent polls, Tory candidate Susan Hall is sitting behind the current Mayor in second place with just 27% of the vote.

Khan to Secure Third Term

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The current Mayor, Sadiq Khan, is sitting comfortably at the top of the race, leading the polls with a firm 51% of the votes, showing the likelihood that he will secure a third term.

Knife Crime on the Rise

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Although knife crimes specifically had reportedly increased last year, London’s overall security has improved when compared to the national average.

London Crime Rate Compared to National Average

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According to statistics, knife crimes specifically rose by 21% in 2023, but Londoners in general are less likely to be victims of crime compared to the rest of the country.

Khan’s Support Among Londoners

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Despite Khan’s inability to tackle knife crime effectively, supporters seem relatively happy with his initiatives to make London more affordable, greener and safer.

Khan Promises 40,000 New Homes

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Khan has promised 40,000 new council houses to be built in a bid to tackle London’s current housing crisis, with Hall dismissing the claim as made up.

Khan’s Successful Promise

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Khan’s promise came after he already successfully delivered on his promise to build 20,000 new homes by the end of 2023.

Labour Leads In Polls

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As Labour leads the Tories in the polls ahead of this year’s general election, Khan reiterated his excitement to work alongside a Labour government.

Khan Blames Tories For London’s Issues

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In his 8 years as Mayor so far, Khan has blamed the Conservative government for issues surrounding the city, including the permanent removal of free travel for those over 60.

Will Labour Provide?

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As Khan looks set to secure 12 years in London’s hot seat, only time will tell if a Labour government will improve the city as Khan suggests.

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