‘Wannabe Authoritarian’ – Trump Is a Threat to Democracy, According to Biden

President Joe Biden recently went on a Trump-fuelled rant during one of his speeches, calling the former President a “wannabe authoritarian” and declaring that America’s democracy was on the line.

Biden’s Stern Warning on Democracy’s Future

In an impassioned speech at Montgomery County Community College, President Joe Biden delivered a resolute critique of his likely Republican opponent, former President Donald Trump. Breaking from his usual cautious approach, Biden labelled Trump a “wannabe authoritarian,” accusing him of being willing to jeopardize centuries of American democracy for personal gain.

The speech, originally scheduled for the third anniversary of the U.S. Capitol attack but moved up due to an impending winter storm, marked a departure from Biden’s earlier strategy of avoiding direct confrontation with his predecessor.

President Biden’s words resonated with urgency as he declared, “Democracy is on the ballot.” In a powerful assertion, he emphasized the upcoming election year’s significance, framing it as a pivotal moment for the preservation of freedom and democracy.

Biden, typically measured in his language, departed from his usual approach, directly criticizing Trump’s recent rhetoric reminiscent of Adolf Hitler and accusing him of prioritizing personal interests over the nation’s well-being.

Trump’s Self-Centered Pursuit

Biden took direct aim at Trump’s campaign, characterizing it as self-centered and fixated on the past rather than the future. “Donald Trump’s campaign is about him, not America, not you,” Biden said.

He also accused Trump of being willing to sacrifice the very foundation of American democracy to secure power for himself, “Donald Trump’s campaign is obsessed with the past, not the future. He’s willing to sacrifice our democracy to put himself in power.” 

The timing and location of Biden’s speech carried symbolic weight as he drew historical parallels. He contrasted the sacrifices made by Gen. George Washington’s troops at Valley Forge with Trump’s refusal to accept the results of the 2020 election.

Biden underscored Washington’s decision for a peaceful transfer of power, emphasizing Trump’s deviation from this democratic tradition, “Donald Trump exhausted every legal avenue available to him to overturn the election. Every one,” he claimed, “But the legal path just took Trump back to the truth: that I had won the election and he was a loser.”

Trump’s Deflection and Accusations

Trump’s campaign responded with deflection, claiming that “radical left Democrats” were the real threat to democracy. They argued that ongoing investigations into Trump’s role in the Capitol insurrection were part of a liberal plot.

Jason Miller, a top adviser to Trump, accused Biden of abandoning an issues-based campaign and resorting to using the government against his political opponent.

“The bottom line today is that Joe Biden has given up on running an issues-based campaign for 2024,” Miller said, “Rather than help those suffering from Bidenomics or our porous southern border, Biden plans on weaponizing government against his leading political opponent,” he continued.

Trump as the Central Theme

As Biden’s reelection message undergoes a shift from “Bidenomics” to a more Trump-centric approach, the President aims to highlight the contrasting visions he and Trump offer for the country. Democrats hope that framing the election as a referendum on Trump’s leadership will galvanize voters and improve Biden’s approval ratings. By placing Trump at the center of the campaign, Biden seeks to energize disillusioned voters and reignite their commitment to the democratic process.

Biden’s speech ended with more words on America’s potentially endangered democratic system, “I refuse to believe that in 2024, we Americans will choose to walk away from what has made us the greatest nation in the history of the world: freedom, liberty. Democracy is still a sacred cause.”

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