Hail Tommy Robinson: Former PM Failed to Counter American Who Called Far-Right Activist “a Hero”

Lizz Truss has become the latest Tory MP accused of allowing “Islamophobic” behaviour to slip through their fingers, after interviewing someone who praised Tommy Robinson as a “hero” and failing to counter it.

Liz Truss Faces Criticism Over Far-Right Praise 

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Liz Truss, the former Prime Minister, is under scrutiny for her response to far-right activist Tommy Robinson being praised by Steve Bannon. 

Truss Fails to Respond

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When interviewing far-right commentator from the US, Steve Bannon, the former Prime Minister failed to respond to Bannon calling Tommy Robinson a “hero.”

Rochdale By-Election Controversy

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When discussing the by-election in Rochdale, Truss claimed that a  “radical Islamic party” could win, referring to Muslim grooming gangs in the area, Bannon said, “Tommy Robinson and all these heroes fought it.”

Tommy Robinson’s Background

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Tommy Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, is a controversial figure who has served prison sentences for speaking out against Islam through protests and causing public unrest.

Rishi Sunak Urged to Take Disciplinary Measures

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The incident has triggered calls for Rishi Sunak to take disciplinary action against Liz Truss, just days after Sunak insisted his party doesn’t have an Islamophobia problem.

Former Tory MP Suspended for Islamophobia

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After former Tory MP Lee Anderson was suspended for accusing “Islamists” of having “control” over the capital city and the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, this is the last thing Sunak needed.

Sunak Fails to Call Anderson’s Words Racist

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When questioned about the actions of Anderson, Sunak called his words “wrong” but failed to disclose whether he considered them either racist or Islamophobic.”

Sunak Denies Party’s Alleged Racism Problem

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Sunak was also questioned whether he believed there was an Islamophobia issue within the Conservative Party, to which he responded “No, of course there isn’t.”

Braverman’s “Islamist” Comments

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Anderson’s comments came just after Suella Braverman, the former Home Secretary, argued that “Islamists” had taken control of the country, claiming “Islamists are in charge of Britain now.”

Oliver Dowden’s Defense

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Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden defended Truss and suggested she might not have heard Bannon’s remark due to the presence of cameras and the chaos of the surrounding debate.

Dowden Insists Truss Didn’t Hear

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Dowden insisted “I know this sounds like a sort of slightly trite point, but when you’ve got the cameras on, you’ve got a debate going on, sometimes you don’t hear it.”

Dowden Defends “Islamophobic” Comments

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Dowden also managed to downplay Lee Anderson’s comments about “Islamists” controlling Sadiq Khan and London, saying that he was “not intending to be Islamophobic.”

Muslim Council of Britain’s Response

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The Muslim Council of Britain accused Truss of spreading false and Islamophobic tropes by remaining silent when Tommy Robinson was praised as a “hero” by the American commentator.

Council Calls for Investigation

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The Muslim Council of Britain, the largest Muslim organization in the country, also called for an investigation into the Tory Party for an alleged increase in Islamophobic comments after the remarks made by Anderson.

Truss’s Short-Lived Tenure

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Lizz Truss spent the least amount of time in Number 10 than any Prime Minister in history, ousted after being presented with a budget of  £45bn in unfunded tax cuts, which saw interest rates soar and mortgages increase across the country.

Truss Spreading “Conspiracy Theories”

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The Shadow Paymaster General, Jonathan Ashworth, said, “After crashing the economy and sending mortgages rocketing, Liz Truss is now spreading conspiracy theories with Steve Bannon.”

Sunak Pressured to Take Action

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Ashworth called on Rishi Sunak to punish his Tory MPs who spread misinformation regarding those who practice the religion of Islam, calling the conspiracies, “damaging nonsense.”

Truss Under Pressure For Huge Pay Cheque

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Truss has also come under scrutiny for accepting a post-ministerial allowance of £115,000 after she left her position as Prime Minister after just 50 days in the role.

Lib Dems Criticize Truss

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Liberal Democrats have argued that Truss should never have been given the job in the first place, “Liz Truss was never fit to be prime minister and certainly is not fit to be given a six-figure allowance of taxpayers’ money,” argued Lib Dem Leader Daisy Cooper.

Tory MPs Fail to Condemn

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With many Tory MPs failing to condemn what many perceive to be “Islamophobic” behaviour, it raises questions about the ethics of the party that has been in control of the UK for 14 years.

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