Truss’ Transgender Law Reform Bill Blocked by ‘Filibustering’ Labour

Former Prime Minister Liz Truss has accused Labour MPs of filibustering as her transgender law reform bill is blocked in Parliament. Here’s the full story.

Gender-Affirming Care

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Liz Truss, who arrived back in the UK after being greeted as a right-wing champion at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in the USA, has sought to stir up trouble over her concerns about gender-affirming care.

Hot-Button Issue

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How transgender individuals, particularly children, are treated has proven to be a hot-button issue in the US. However, it has failed to have quite the same impact on UK political discussions, where consistent polling has shown the public’s support for transgender rights. 

Wedge Issue

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Despite this, some on the Conservative side of the political spectrum see transgender rights, and particularly the delicate subject of the treatment of transgender minors, as a useful wedge issue to attack the Labour Party with. 

Blocked From Debate

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Enter Former Prime Minister Liz Truss, who, in a heated session in Parliament, faced frustration as her Private Members Bill on transgender law reform and protection of single-sex spaces was blocked from debate, in an embarrassing climb-down for the woman who briefly occupied the highest office in the land. 

Opposition Priorities

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Truss and her supporters, including Minister for Women and Equalities Kemi Badenoch, accused Labour of filibustering the Bill so that it wouldn’t be read and used their not-inconsiderable profiles to question the opposition’s priorities. 

Gender Transition Therapies

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Truss’ proposed legislation aims to prohibit biological males from accessing female-only spaces or participating in women’s sports, as well as restricting children from pursuing gender transition therapies.

“Sex in Law as Biological Sex”

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Speaking of her Bill, Truss stated, “My Bill will for the first time define sex in law as biological sex, thereby ending the absurd and dangerous situation where biological males self-defining as females can access girls’ and women’s toilets and so on – as well as sports competitions.”


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Truss claimed she was “furious” that, in her opinion, Labour MPs had “filibustered in Parliament today to prevent debate of my Private Member’s Bill.”

“Very Long Speeches”

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Speaking to GB News, the billionaire-owned, right-wing media channel, Truss stated, “They’ve just been making some very long speeches about tangential issues. They’ve been told off by the chair several times for straying off the subject they were meant to be talking about in the first place, and they are clearly running a concerted campaign to stop us talking about this in Parliament, even though I know it’s a huge concern for the public.”

Not Backed By Polling

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Truss’s accusations that the topic is a considerable concern for the public are not backed up by polling, with a YouGov polling showing consistent, if falling, support for transgender individuals in the UK.

Public vs Media

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It has been suggested that part of the reason that support for transgender rights is falling in the UK has been the constant hostile barrage of reporting on the issue, with Shon Faye, trans advocate and author of ‘The Transgender Issue’ telling CNN that when the issue of trans rights is raised, “polling shows that the public isn’t necessarily as hostile as the media, but the media [continues] to lead the conversation.”

“They Were All Negative”

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Her analysis of the Times and the Sunday Times newspapers in 2020 revealed that both papers published “over 300 articles, almost one a day, and they were all negative.”

“Gradual Erosion”

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Generally, the UK is profoundly susceptible to the wearing down of transgender rights and gender-affirming care, with a June 2022 YouGov poll revealing that there has been a “gradual erosion in support towards transgender rights” overall. 

43% to 38% 

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Expressly, the survey indicated that in 2018, 43% of respondents agreed that trans women are women, compared to 38% in 2022.

“Protect Children”

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Part of the reason for this fall is the equating of transgender rights with harm to children, which Truss was quick to do, stating, “We have a situation now where teenagers are taking drugs that could impact their future, irreversible decisions about their own bodies. Concerned parents will want to know why Labour don’t even want to discuss how to protect children and single-sex spaces, let alone put those protections into law.”

“Protection of Children”

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She added: “Labour cares more about ideology than the protection of children. It is vital that we legislate to safeguard single-sex spaces and prevent children from making irreversible decisions about their bodies.”

Refuting Accusations

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Labour refuted accusations of filibustering, highlighting that more Tory MPs spoke in a preceding debate on Animal Welfare than Labour MPs. 

Legitimate Parliamentary Procedures

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They argued that discussions on other matters were legitimate parliamentary procedures and denied deliberate obstruction. 

Undoubtedly Dangerous

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While it may be tempting to view Truss as a woman who has yet to realise how far her star has fallen with this latest attack on Labour over not getting her Bill heard, what Truss is engaging in is undoubtedly dangerous. 

Mental Health

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Multiple studies involving over 30,000 transgender and gender-diverse youth consistently reveal that access to gender-affirming healthcare correlates with improved mental health outcomes.

Suicide Rates

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Those same studies have shown that the absence of such care is linked to heightened rates of suicide amongst those whose only crime is to begin to question their assigned gender.

Playing Politics

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Truss’s attempts, and the attempts of others in the media like her, to use the issue of gender-affirming care and transgender rights as a wedge issue to attack their opposition in the lead-up to the election is to do nothing less than to play politics with people’s lives. 

LGBTQ+ Citizens

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Many in the UK would prefer that she not bring our Atlantic cousins’ more contentious style of politics back with her, particularly when the lives of LGBTQ+ citizens are at stake.

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