UK and EU Settle Immigration Issues After 8 YEARS of Negotiation

The UK government has signed a new agreement with European agency Fortex in an attempt to counter smuggler gangs that perilously ship small boats to the UK’s shores.

UK to Sign New Agreement with EU Border Agency

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The United Kingdom is poised to enter into a fresh agreement with the European Union’s border agency that could strengthen the UK’s borders against small boats.

Stopping Boats a Priority

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The Conservatives have made it clear that their priority has been to “Stop The Boats” since Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister in 2022, putting several controversial measures in place to do so.

25,000 Migrants 

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In 2023 alone, around 25,000 individuals attempted to cross the English Channel in dangerously small boats in search of a better life in the UK, which the government insists is straining the economy.

Brexit Means Brexit

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The UK voted to leave the European Union in 2016, with many under the belief that the country would regain control of its borders.

Post-Brexit Promise

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The Home Office declared post-Brexit that anyone travelling to the UK illegally from a so-called “safe” country, such as France, would be forced to return.

Conservative Crackdown Showing Its Cracks

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According to reports, so far, the Home Office has only removed 5 of the 25,000 that entered the UK last year despite promises to crack down on immigration.

Cleverly to Oversee Arrangement 

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Frontex officials and the UK Border Force are scheduled to sign the new arrangement in the presence of European Home Affairs Commissioner Ylva Johansson and UK Home Secretary James Cleverly.

Cleverly Asserts Plan is Working

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According to Cleverly, the government’s plan to stop illegal immigration in the UK is going smoothly, but he also acknowledges that more could be done to prevent the influx. 

Government Plans to Stop The Boats

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Cleverly assured the public that the government “has a plan to break the model of the smuggling gangs, end the abuse of our asylum system and stop the boats.”

Cleverly’s Statistics Show Plan is “Working”

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Cleverly also insisted that the plan is “working,” arguing that “crossings are down by a third” while acknowledging “we must go further.”

Enhanced Cooperation Between UK Border Force and Frontex

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Under this new agreement, the UK Border Force will intensify collaboration with the European agency, giving the UK access to even more intelligence regarding smugglers and illegal crossings.

UK and European Training Collaboration

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The UK will hold training collaborations with the European agency, sharing ideas and tactics while taking advantage of the new technology used by both agreement participants.

Shared Solutions Needed

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Cleverly argued that tackling smugglers and criminal gangs that seek to pilot dangerous Channel crossings “are global challenges that require shared solutions and ambitions.”

“Crucial Step” To Stop Illegal Immigration

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The Home Secretary said that the agreement is a “crucial step” towards “tackling illegal immigration” in the UK and eventually “stopping the boats.”

Labour’s Plan of Action

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Labour has a plan of its own to tackle illegal immigration. Still, despite having shared goals, the Conservatives have criticized Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer’s proposal to see a new rights agreement with the EU.

Sunak’s Response to Starmer’s Proposal

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said, “we agree with the aim to ‘stop the boats.’ However, we will deal with it differently,” in response to Labour’s proposed plan.

Bibby Stockholm Barge Criticism

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Sunak has been slammed for his handling of the immigration crisis, notably for attempting to pile the migrants onto the Bibby Stockholm barge, a move that was criticized even before things went wrong.

Deadly Virus Found in Water System

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Critics questioned the human rights breaches from the government when they announced that they would house migrants on the barge, then it was discovered that legionella was in the barge’s water system.

One Migrant Found Dead on Barge

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While on board the barge, one migrant tragically lost their life from a suspected suicide, with the family of the deceased demanding an investigation into the human rights breaches that potentially led to the death.

Hope for New Deal

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The government hopes that the new deal with the European agency Fortex will be enough to counter the boats before they set off on the perilous journey to the UK’s shores.

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