UK Urges Western Leaders to Follow Through With Plan That Could Help Ukraine Gain An Upper Hand

With reports that almost £275bn of Russian assets have been frozen across Europe, the UK is urging countries to use that money to help fund Ukraine’s military in its fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Conflict Enters Third Year

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As the conflict between Russia and Ukraine enters its third year, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has told Western allies they must do more to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian aggression.

Rishi Sunak’s Call for Action

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Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has urged Western nations to seize frozen Russian assets and use them to help Ukraine with military assistance against its war with Russia.

Sunak Urges Leaders to be “Bolder”

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Sunak has urged Western leaders to be “bolder” in their support for Ukraine, especially after the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

Western Leaders’ Support for Ukraine

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Western leaders recently visited Kyiv, Ukraine, to show solidarity with the country and its president, Volodymyr Zelensky, as the war reached its second anniversary.

Sunak’s Asset Plan

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Altogether, Western countries have seized £275bn of Russian assets, which Sunak argued should be recycled into the war to help Ukraine defeat Putin’s army.

Concerns from UK Banks

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Some UK banks have raised concerns about the continuous seizure of assets, warning it could harm London’s reputation as an international financial centre.

Sunak Calls For More Military Might

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Sunak said in an article that the UK and Europe must be “bolder with our military support — providing Ukraine with more long-range weapons, more drones, and more munitions”.

Hitting Russia’s Economy

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Sunak also argued that more economic damage could be done to hurt Russia, “We must be bolder in hitting the Russian war economy … And we must be bolder in seizing the hundreds of billions of frozen Russian assets.”

Cameron Calls For Innovation

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Foreign Secretary and former Prime Minister Lord David Cameron said that countries “should be prepared to do some innovative thinking about how we use these resources to help Ukraine.”

World Now a “Dangerous” Place

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Lord Cameron argued that the world became a more “dangerous” and “uncertain” place when Putin launched his “illegal invasion” into the country, calling on leaders to do all they can to stop him.

Theory Behind Asset Plan

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The idea behind the move, according to Lord Cameron, is that eventually, Russia will be paying reparations towards Ukraine when the war is over, “so why not spend some of the money now?” He argued.

No Time Like the Present

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Lord Cameron argued that “Russia is going to have to pay reparations for its illegal invasion” and argued that the money should be spent now “rather than wait till the war is over and have all the legal wrangling about reparations”.

UK Leads Financial Backing

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The UK is leading the way for Europe in both financial assistance to Ukraine and sanctions against Russia, so far contributing around £12 billion in funding.

Defense Secretary’s Support

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Defense Secretary Grant Shapps addressed the House of Commons in February, declaring Britain’s unwavering financial support for Ukraine once more, calling it “£245 million of good news.”

Putin a “Despotic” Leader 

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Shapps noted that if Europe sits back and lets “despotic” leaders like Putin invade neighbouring countries, then Putin will carry on invading until he reaches the UK.

Putin Won’t Stop With Ukraine

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Shapps argued that “Eventually that cost and the own misery will appear for our own citizens as well” suggesting that Putin will not stop at Ukraine which he believes is “inspiring the world.”

Stalemate in Russia-Ukraine War

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The Russia-Ukraine war has allegedly reached a gridlock, resulting in ongoing financial costs for both sides, sparking President Zelensky to call for more backing to gain the upper hand.

Navalny Death Sparks Fresh Sanctions

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With the UK being the first country to impose sanctions on Russia for the death of Putin’s opposition leader Navalny, the assets seized could go a long way to helping Ukraine gain the upper hand during this alleged financial stalemate.

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