UK Properties Are Cramped, Expensive and Falling Apart, According to Latest Report

A report revealed the grim reality of the UK housing crisis as properties in the UK are more cramped, expensive and falling apart compared to other Western countries.

Comparative Housing Analysis

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A UK housing think tank has researched the ongoing downfall in quality for UK homeowners, suggesting it’s one of the worst in the Western world.

Overpriced Housing Market

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When compared to other developed nations in the West, the think tank revealed that the UK’s properties are overpriced and falling apart.

Foundation’s Findings

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According to the Resolution Foundation’s report, households in the UK pay more for housing but receive less in terms of quantity and quality compared to similar economies.

UK’s “Inferior” Housing

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The report revealed that “When it comes to housing, UK households are getting an inferior product in terms of both quantity and quality.”

Election Factor

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According to a member of the Resolution Foundation, the housing market will be an important factor in the general election as quality erodes.

Economist’s Prediction

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Adam Corlett, one of the foundation’s leading economists, predicted, “Britain’s housing crisis is likely to be a big topic in the election campaign” due to worrying factors.

Factors of Poor Housing

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According to Corlett, properties in the UK face “problems of high costs, poor quality and low security,” which politicians must resolve.

Realities of UK Housing

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Corlett revealed that after researching the UK’s housing market compared to other countries, properties are “expensive, cramped, and ageing.”

UK Housing Compared to Developed Countries

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According to the report, the properties in the UK have less floor space than in other countries, combined with a higher cost of living and more properties over 80 years old.

Floor Space Disparity

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The analysis revealed that homes in England have less average floor space per person compared to countries like the United States, Germany, France, and Japan.

Age of Housing Stock

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The UK’s housing stock is notably older, with a significant proportion of homes constructed before 1946, in contrast to other European countries like Italy and Spain.

UK’s High Maintenance Cost

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The report revealed that “If all households in the UK were fully exposed to our housing market, they would have to devote 22% of their spending to housing services.”

Comparison In Service Spending

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The average spending on these costs for Western countries with a similar economy to the UK sits at just 17%, showing the lack of quality in UK properties.

UK Service Costs Through The Roof

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The report said that the UK housing service costs hold the “highest level across the developed economies with the solitary exception of Finland.”

Implications of Aging Homes

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The effect that older homes in the UK have on service costs is notable, as many have worse insulation which leads to higher energy bills and quality issues such as damp, according to the report.

Decades-Long Housing Crisis

Uk Houses
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Corlett argued that this is a crisis which has been developing over the last few decades, “Britain’s housing crisis is decades in the making,” he said.

Change Is Essential

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Corlett revealed that “successive governments” have failed to “build enough new homes and modernise our existing stock. That now has to change.”

Government Cites Economic Challenges

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In response to the damning report, the government has cited “global economic challenges” as reasons for the poor quality of housing.

Government’s Reassurance on Rebuild

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A spokesperson for the government insisted that “despite global economic challenges” the housing quality crisis “is a Government priority.”

Government Insists “Driving Up” Quality

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The spokesperson insisted that despite the report, it is focusing on “driving up” quality, with the number of “non-decent homes down by two million since 2010.”

Worrying Findings Remain The Same

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Despite the government’s response, the report insists that the UK’s housing market is one of the most cramped and expensive in the Western world.

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