Veteran TV Presenter Says He’s “On Borrowed Time” After Health Struggles

After his high-profile marriage split, a veteran TV presenter has admitted he is now “on borrowed time” with his health.

News Presenter “On Borrowed Time”

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According to sources, news presenter Eamonn Holmes has admitted he is “on borrowed time.”

Holmes Leaves Interview Halfway

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Unexpectedly, Holmes had to abruptly leave an interview with an MP midway to return home after feeling unwell.

Caulfield Interview Interrupted

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Holmes was halfway through interviewing Maria Caulfield, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, when he suddenly became unwell.

Holmes Stays Silent

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64-year-old Holmes left after failing to talk throughout the show, with his co-host, Isabel Webster, conducting the interview.

Riding Solo for 90 Minutes

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With 90 minutes left to go, Holmes returned home, leaving Webster to finish the show on her own. This caused GB News to issue a statement.

GB News’ Statement

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A spokesperson for GB News said that Holmes had to leave early but explained that he was expected to return to work the next day.

Holmes Hopes to Return

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According to the statement, “Eamonn had to finish a little earlier today as he was feeling unwell. He hopes to be back tomorrow,” but this could be hiding the whole story.

Presenter’s Health and Family Woes

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The presenter has been having trouble with his back ever since his surgery last year, and his split from his former co-host on This Morning also made the news last month.

Holmes Accepts Award in Wheelchair

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While accepting an award, Holmes was forced to use a wheelchair. Holmes explained the situation afterwards.

Operation Gone Wrong

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After the TRIC Awards, Holmes admitted, “I had an operation a year and a half ago, and two things went wrong so I have two things in my back I don’t want. So I’ll happily accept this.”

Holmes Speaks Out on Divorce

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Holmes spoke publicly at the awards about his split from former co-host Ruth Langford after their 14-year marriage.

“I’m Not OK”

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Holmes admitted, “I’m not OK. This is not a good time at all. It’s too early to say but I hope we can still be friends.”

Holmes Becomes Headline News

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The split became headline news as the pair have spent over a decade in the spotlight together, but the media did not paint Holmes in a good light.

Holmes Seeking Solace

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Papers reported that Holmes had been seeking solace from three different women since the split, including one colleague.

Holmes’ Relationship With Councillor

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The first woman was the pair’s relationship councillor, Katie Alexander, with one source saying that the relationship has been growing over the last few months.

Marriage Finished “For Some Time”

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According to the source, “The friendship has grown in recent months but Eamonn’s marriage has been over for some time.” 

Third Woman Makes Headlines

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Recently, a third woman made the news. Holmes’ colleague at GB News, Hayley Sparkes, is the latest comfort provider for the struggling news presenter.

Holmes Opens Up

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Now, Holmes worries that he is “on borrowed time” after he revealed that his father suffered a heart attack at the age of 65.

Ruth Unsure Whether Ex-Husband’s Health Will Improve

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Holmes’ now ex-wife, Ruth Langford, admitted on Woman’s Weekly, “I don’t know how much Eamonn’s mobility will improve. We live in hope.”

Holmes’ Deteriorating Health Struggles

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After Holmes has been making the news for all the wrong reasons, he must also battle his deteriorating health.

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