Blurred Lines: Welcoming Right-Wing Tory MP Angers Labour Party Members

A former Conservative politician described as “totally right-wing” has been welcomed into the Labour Party.

Labour Welcomes Tory MP

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Labour has welcomed another Tory MP to its ranks as the mass exodus of Conservatives continues ahead of this year’s general election.

Elphicke’s Departure From Conservatives

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Natalie Elphicke announced her departure from the Conservatives, citing discontent with Rishi Sunak’s policies and immigration tactics.

Rwanda Bill Becomes Law

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Elphicke’s comments come just weeks after Sunak announced that sending migrants to Rwanda would finally become British law.

Immigration Policies a Factor

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Elphicke admitted that Sunak’s immigration policies were a big reason for her defecting to Labour, suggesting that the Rwanda Bill wasn’t working.

Tory MP for Dover Not Happy

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While welcoming Elphicke to the Party during PMQs, Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer expressed concern that, as Tory MP for Dover, Elphicke was not supportive of Sunak’s immigration strategy.

Dover “On the Front Line”

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Starmer mentioned that the town of Dover was “on the frontline” of the immigration crisis, asking “What is the point of this failed government staggering on?”

Mass Tory Exodus Continues

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Elphicke has become one of over 60 Tory MPs to resign or defect to a different party over the last few months, implying discontent with Sunak’s ability to lead.

Second Defect in a Fortnight

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Elphicke’s announcement makes her the second Tory MP to defect to their bitter rivals, Labour, in just under two weeks.

Sunak’s Government “Tired and Chaotic”

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Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer welcomed Elphicke to the Party during a session of PMQs, when the former Tory MP criticised Sunak’s “Tired and chaotic government.”

Starmer Criticised

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Starmer has received mixed reactions from his Labour colleagues for being so welcoming to a former Tory due to her right-wing politics.

Legal Concerns on Domestic Violence

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Some Labour MPs expressed discontent regarding Elphicke’s husband’s legal issues with domestic violence, alleging that she supported his actions.

“Totally Right Wing”

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According to one Labour MP, “She’s totally right-wing and supported her husband when he sexually assaulted women.”

Ministers Express Discontent

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One Shadow Minister admitted there was huge discontent amongst the Party after the decision to welcome Elphicke.

Labour MPs “Upset and Angry”

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The unnamed Shadow Minister insisted Labour MPs were “upset and angry right across the party about the decision.”

Criticising “Hard Right-Wing Views”

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Another Minister suggested that Elphicke has “hard right-wing views” arguing that “Logically or politically, we didn’t need this.”

Minister Jokes About Nigel Farage Comparison

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The Minister argued that Elphicke’s views are “a big red line” before joking, “Are we welcoming Nigel Farage next week?”

Labour Refuses to Respond to Legal Concerns

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A Labour spokesperson responded to the criticisms, noting that Labour would not comment on Elphicke’s husband’s legal issues.

Nothing to Add on Legal Case

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 “Natalie can speak to her own remarks on that and she has spoken extensively about that case, and I don’t have anything to add to what she has said on that subject,” they said.

Joining Dan Poulter

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Elphicke joins former Tory MP Dan Poulter becoming the second Tory MP to defect to Labour in just two weeks.

Growing Concern for Sunak

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The growing amount of MPs defecting to Labour is a concern for Sunak ahead of his general election campaign after a tumultuous week for the Party in the local elections.

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